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I’ve Got to Do Better than Her

She is going to make me look like a fool. It’s me against her. I have to come out on top.

Deep in me, there lives a competitive beast. One that promotes selfish ambition and untoward conduct. One that looks at other gals and compares them to me.

The beast says:

I need to be super impactful, smart and powerful. Or, I’m disposable.
I can’t let others get ahead of me. No one will pay attention to me anymore.
I should desperately fear being left behind. I’ll be useless without impact.

Competitiveness is a horrible beast to be chained to. It demands we control the uncontrollable. It sets us up to fail.

Does jealousy, fear, selfish ambition or a competitive nature threaten you, like me?

Lately, I’ve become so sick and tired of it’s bullying tactics. I’ve decided – through a deep investigation of scripture – to fight back.

Here’s how:

1. I humble myself under the mighty hand of God, knowing at the proper time (and in God’s proper way), He’ll exalt me.

2. I remember Christ rules over everything. He has all authority and every victory belongs to the Lord. If it is my victory, it is an empty one. But if it is God’s, it is fruitful.

3. I ponder the idea that by my strength, I get tired. But by His, I become empowered.

4. I bless those who hurt me, persecute me, laugh at me, talk behind my back and injure me. Why? Because God loves His creation. He is working on them. He is doing something. I don’t need to get my sticky fingers into His artwork. I can trust the masterpiece He is creating without trying to let my bitterness or irritation take control.

5. I wait on God knowing that, nearly half the time, it is by doing nothing I find He’s doing everything. Likewise, I step out when He says it’s go time, no matter how prideful, arrogant or self-serving it may seem to the world. Ultimately, I don’t serve others opinions of me, but Christ’s lordship. I follow it, stay close to it and trust it, no matter how it looks.

The beast dies when we die to our flesh and come alive to Christ. It can’t live when we stay surrendered and in-step with the Spirit. It has no rule when Christ rules. Period. And Amen.

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Kelly, a fun-loving, active and spunky mom of two rambunctious toddlers, spends her days pushing swings, changing diapers and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a "Cheerleader of Faith", Kelly's greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully and unencumbered for the Lord.

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  • Humility and a gracious appreciation for the gifts of others are a daily battle, probably for everyone, but this writing life and the maintenance of an on-line presence does seem to require that we stay extra vigilant. Thanks, Kelly, for sounding the alarm!

  • Well said, Kelly! Yes, I struggle with the beast, too! Love how you mentioned being super I mpactful, seems innocent enough, but it’s not. I love the tips you shared for fighting back, especially the one about living a life in step with the Spirit. What a powerful arsenal we Christians have for fighting the beast if comparison, etc. Thank you for your transparency.

  • This area is such a struggle for me. I love your insightful ideas how how to battle comparison mentally and spiritually. Sometimes I struggle with what that looks like in real life. Praying God reveals it to me more every day.

  • Glad He’s working on the ones who persecute. I’m not so competitive, I just want God’s best for me, I do end up wondering how some people get ahead but I probably don’t really want to know.

  • Good word today Kelly. I think if we are all honest with ourselves we each have the same beast to tame… some less than others, but it’s still there. I really appreciate each of your 5 points… yes by His strength we are empowered. Thanks for the linkup today!

  • Kelly,
    I only answered a comment on my blog this morning with this very comment! My greatest prayer is;

    “More of Jesus, less of Jennifer”

    I love it when God confirms His words to us!
    Thank you,

  • You packed a big punch in this short post! I’m pinning and sharing as we all need to know and understand these truths! Thanks for hosting and have a blessed weekend.

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