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Why “Easy” Will Hurt You

Easy Will Hurt

I remember when I first saw it. It glowed. It seemed to sparkle. It radiated as the sun touched it’s outsides. All I knew is I wanted it; I had to have it.

Nearly fresh out of high school, with only babysitting money to my name, the magnetic pull of this silver convertible seemed to draw me in. Silver on the outside and hot red on the inside, it would make my college days – easy. Or, so I thought.

I signed on the dotted line and then rode off with my hair flying wild down the highway to what I imagined would be wider smiles, lines of friends and feelings of happiness all around me.

It seemed easy. It felt free – for a moment.

But, free is not free, if you feel an object is the real impetus behind who you are destined to be.

I got glances at a light, but no real relationships in my life. I felt separated, dependent and strapped onto ten-year finance charges. What was supposed to drive me to happiness, was driving me into me into a career dragging debt. It didn’t seem so easy anymore.

What “easy” do you seek to quell the hard things in your life?

What easy do you run to in order to “deal”?

Collecting easy may feel free, but it often drives us right into a tin box with wheels called trapped, especially if God hasn’t authorized its purchase. Sure, we can collect things, and feel good in a moment, but here is the real deal: Love doesn’t hold up well on the shelf of shiny untouchables.

Love is meant to be handled, dispersed and outpoured. It is meant to get dirty and grimy. It is intended to bend a knee on the dirt to wash another’s feet. It is meant to pull close to sin and to address it tenderly. It is meant to be in service.

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. John 13:14

Love is like Jesus. Love is like a benefactor that can’t stop giving. Love is like the best gift ever – with no price tag.

You can never scan it and bag it and show it off like that.
People aren’t attracted by it’s shine.
They are attracted to its authenticity,
within you and me,
the Spirit making his way – out.

Yet, there is one thing we do have right,
we desperately need it.

Our clawing hunt will continue if we look for it in things,
for things are just illusions that hide our eyes from Him –
Enduring peace.
Everlasting joy.
Encompassing love.

So, let’s keep our eyes fixed there, and, perhaps, we will get somewhere. Perhaps, then, rather than feeling like,“God, why have you abandoned me to this?,” we will feel like, “God, wow, I never knew life could be so full of this.”

Then, we will collect moments of fullness that could only be orchestrated by a God of greatness. We will kneel down and praise him. Our hearts will feel full.

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  • Wow, lots of truth here. Seems we need to experience it, rather than learn from other’s mistakes, don’t we? Thanks for the great reminders. (And no, I’m not stalking you, lol!) Visiting from FMF.

  • “Joy is not goods… it’s God”. LOVE that!!! Your title instantly made me think of the story of the little boy and the butterfly. The little boy thought that he was helping the butterfly, but he did not know that the “strength is in the struggle”.

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