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Find Jesus in Your Wait (Linkup)

Find Jesus in Your Wait

Sometimes I just want to know. I want to know where God wants to take me, how long it will take, when I will get there and what it will look like.

But, what if I did?

What if I saw my whole life mapped out before me
with little pins of progress?

How boring.

Our God is a God of excitement.
He is a God of adventure.
He is a God that calls us out onto the waters of faith.
Over to the well of hope and renewal.
Into the power of an empty tomb.
Under the shadow of his wing.

But he does these things on his watch, in his way, with his knowledge, for his glory, with his purpose because his way is simply the best.

And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Ex. 33:14

Do we trust him? Or do we want it all now?

He never explained to the disciples the precise hour he would rise in glory.
Nor the moment they would see him again.
He never expressed to Mary the timeline for Lazarus’ renewal.
Nor told the Israelites the hour they would cross into the promised land.

Perhaps, God holds the highlights in his pocket because they are safest there. Because, if we were so caught up in one moment, we would miss the million seconds that he is using to form us into something unbelievable, unparalleled and unfastenable.

We may not realize this, but it is in the wait, between pin-point moments, that is when Jesus’ greatest work is found. It’s here that he fashions something meaningful, lasting and reliant that transcends the up-and-down, arms waving, I-did-it moments.

It’s in the overlooked moments that we uncover
intimate passion for – and with – God.

So, I wonder, why do I so often get frustrated in the time of wait? Over the journey of ups and downs? With the great and glorious paths others have – while my paths seems so slow – and uneventful?

When I step back though, I can’t help but wonder if this mentality is just
a blessing-seeking, destination-craving prison?

Is my goal of the better gift simply chaining my mind down to a good one?
An immediate one? A demanded one?

Because, surely, God has life perfectly mapped out for me.

Although sometimes the journey feels painful –
he will always and forever be with me.

Although the blessing seems to be at the end of the road,
he has laid his presence all down it.

I don’t want to look back and say:
“The fear of tomorrow stole it all away.”
“I lost a content heart to a coveting one.”
“I didn’t enjoy the ride, because I was always looking at the map instead of his glory.”
“I hit my head on his purpose, because I always had my eyes set on my goals.”

The bottom line is that it is not about points on a chart, but it’s about our heart. God focuses on greater, while we tend to focus on boring old good.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Ps. 16:11

God is giving me new eyes to see. He is helping me to envision a great scavenger hunt of his presence – instead of a great race to his treasure.

Because isn’t life with God kind of like a scavenger hunt?

Each place we head is a new journey. It’s fun. There is excitement in the ride and an expectancy of what will come, but most of all it is a process of exploration with someone we enjoy traveling with.

The hunt is less about the loot and more about resulting fruit.

It’s less about the win and more about Him.

And, I like this idea, because I am tired of craning my neck to see if he is going to take me anywhere good. I am tired of running ahead of God, only to, sometimes painfully, be pulled back to where I am supposed to be.

The truth is:

I already have good.
I have good in Jesus Christ crucified.
I have good in today.
I have good in the smiles of my kids.
I have good in the glimmer of love in my husband’s eyes.
I have good in the small encouragement of today.
I have good in the saving power of Jesus Christ in my life.
I have good in eternity.

Good is already secured because Jesus endured.

Jesus is at work to bring us great in our wait!

Oh, how badly I don’t want to miss Jesus along the ride. “How would I feel if I got to eternity and realized I was so set on looking ahead of me that I missed the great Jesus sitting right next to me?”

Lord, don’t let that happen with me. Lord, put my eyes on you. Lord, keep me in your presence. Lord, walk with me.

The greatest gift isn’t what lays at the end of the road, but it’s found in embracing the one who goes down the road with us.

He is right here. Do we see him?

I’m sure now I’ll see God’s goodness in the exuberant earth. Stay with God! Take heart. Don’t quit. I’ll say it again: Stay with God. Ps. 27:13-14

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Note: I had the honor of attending a session with Allen Arnold from Ransomed Heart Ministries. Some of the ideas here were gleaned from his session. If you ever have the chance to listen to him speak – I highly recommend it.

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Kelly, a fun-loving, active and spunky mom of two rambunctious toddlers, spends her days pushing swings, changing diapers and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a "Cheerleader of Faith", Kelly's greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully and unencumbered for the Lord.

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  • Kelly, you truly had some beautiful imagery in this post. “We don’t realize this, but it is in the wait, between pin-point moments, that Jesus’ greatest work is found.” Although, I loathe the wait most days I know it is in this time He is getting me out of me so He can put more of himself in me. (paraphrased Christine Caine) Thanks for this post it is sooo needed. #RaRalinkup

    • Thank you sweet Kia. I love that idea of getting me out of me so he can put himself into me. I just had to write it again because I loved it that much. Great words. I am glad that this post spoke!

  • Kelly,
    Oh that I wouldn’t have my eyes so focused on the goal that I “bump my head into His purpose” for me. I pray that I would slow down and enjoy the journey WITH Him instead of keeping my eyes always wandering ahead. Great reminder this morning…love how you weave it into words…

    • Yes! How many times have I hit that bump? I know that headache too much. When we stay with him, he so helps us. Thank you for your comment Bev! Much love to you.

  • “How would I feel if I got to eternity and realized I was so set on looking ahead of me that I missed the great Jesus sitting right next to me?” Thank you, Kelly, for sharing words that remind me to hold onto Jesus on this walk in faith and to pause and thank Him for the joy of His presence today. : )

    • Crystal, I am so glad that this hit you a little. It hit me too. It even hit me literally. Sometimes I can’t even enjoy rides with my kids because I am too intent on getting somewhere. How much more do I do this with God?

  • This is me sometimes: “I didn’t enjoy the ride, because I was always looking at the map instead of his glory.” Thanks for encouraging us to enjoy the ride and look for God’s presence, trust His process. Psalm 16:11 is one of my top 10 favorite verses! Blessings to you, friend. May God continue to pour out his anointing on your words! #RaRaLinkup!

    • Sometimes that dang map! It gets in the way. God is calling us to more of a free-spirited living, I think. Don’t you Betsy? One where we just lay back a little. Sounds kind of nice.

    • Oh Kelly, you had me at the very first word! Psalm 16:11 has been one of my favorite verses since I was a kid, and the whole topic of waiting? Well, let’s just say I’ve had plenty of experience with it, but I still don’t do it very well! I always read the end of books first (I know, I know …) but I’m with you … I don’t think I would want to know all the future mile markers on the map of my life. It really is enough to know that He goes before us and is with us. Blessings to you today!

  • This is SUCH a desire for me. I have to remind myself daily to see and appreciate the little things around me that I don’t want to take for granted! Yesterday, God brought extended family to the forefront of my mind- cousins, in-laws, aunts, uncles- people I hadn’t talked to or spoken with in ages simply because of the busy-ness of life. Just like you said, I don’t want to get to the end of my time, only to find out I missed important things along the way. Thanks for the great word, Kelly!

    • Kristine, let see it. Let’s keep our eyes out. He has set so much before us, if only we seek to see. I am with you on this ride. He is taking us somewhere.

  • The hunt is less about the loot and more about resulting fruit. Love this Kelly. The fruit He is producing in you is BEAUTIFUL. We see it when you may be looking elsewhere ~ know that!
    Hugs. Susan

  • I’m in a waiting season right now and can completely relate to all you have shared here, Kelly. I’m quickly learning how much these times can bring me closer to God by trusting more instead of pulling away from Him. What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lysa TerKeurst talks about this phase in life a great deal. It’s helping me tremendously right now. This: “He is helping me to envision a great scavenger hunt of his presence – instead of a great race to his treasure.” I’ll keep that with me today, my friend! Thank you :).

    • Candace, I pray that you draw so close to God that you deepen your relationship in staggering ways. I pray that you enjoy the ride. I pray you look back on it all with a sense of fondness. I know it is hard in the moment. Love you dear friend. He has you.

  • Amen! Sometimes we get so caught up in destinations, bottom lines, and final scores that we forget the lessons in the process. We ignore His presence along the way. This is a beautiful reminder. And I saw myself in these words: “I am tired of craning my neck to see if he is going to take me anywhere good.” I forget that we aren’t just on the way to heaven, that He is bringing heaven to us along the way. Thanks for sharing this!

    • So true Karen. I love the thought of him bringing us heaven along the way. Thank you for speaking this truth that I never considered. Have such a blessed day.

  • “Good is already secured…” Amen, Kelly. In my post today, I am sharing about the stones of remembrance that the children of Israel set up as a reminder of the ways God had been faithful in their lives. It is God’s will that we take time to remember His goodness – the ways He has blessed us in the here and now, even though we may be far from the promised land. He is an amazing God, who has the very best planned for us. Thank goodness that He is not swayed by our every desire and whim!
    Blessings and hugs,

  • My favorite line: “Perhaps, God holds the highlights in his pocket because they are safest there.”

    Yes they are! (Because I will try to change and tweak and “improve” what He has already perfected). Have a wonderful week, in the “wait”. 🙂 Blessings!

  • Love your words this morning, sweet Kelly! Esp. “Oh, how badly I don’t want to miss Jesus along the ride.” YES! Hoping I’ll get a new post up later today for the linkup.

  • I love this and you! God has crossed our paths for a reason because as I walk my journey and write I see that your journey and writing many times parallels mine or follows the same theme. God has so much for us if we would just stop, look and listen. I am learning that right now if my own journey. Thank you for being so faithful and for providing this beautiful place for us to share each week.

    • Oh Mary. Thank you for these words. I am so in awe of the great love God is forging between us all. How blessed we are. I have seriously noticed these themes too. It is like waves of love from the #RaRalinkup group. I can’t help but see his greater vision through all of our words. It is powerful!

  • LOVE THIS! > > > “The greatest gift isn’t what lays at the end of the road, but it’s found in embracing the one who goes down the road with us.”

    So very grateful for these words of wisdom, Kelly. I have been guilty of trying to run a sprint when all along the Lord has been gearing me up for a marathon. Your post (as always) has perfect timing with the Holy Spirit’s whispers to me. I am blessed by your words today. Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh Tina, I am so glad the Spirit is confirming the work in you. I love how God says the Spirit seals his work. It is true. He really seems to be doing this with you. So awesome!

  • Kelly this is such a inspired and encouraging word for me this morning!

    I Love this

    “Perhaps, God holds the highlights in his pocket because they are safest there. Because, if we were so caught up in one moment, we would miss the million seconds that he is using to form us into something unbelievable, unparalleled and unfastenable.”

    Yes! Amen!!! The highlights are so much safer hidden away within the safety of trusting our God!

    Always cheering you my sweet friend! Blessings!

    • Thank you Danise. Thank you for your love and for pointing out what really spoke to you. I praise God that he touched your heart. That is always my greatest hope. May the Lord do an awesome work through everything you put your hands on! Much love to you. I cheer who he made you to be – it’s so special.

  • Hi Kelly! I had to smile at the word ‘scavenger hunt’ as a metaphor for life. I often think of my life ‘unfolding’, but I guess that’s more passive. Actually being a part of the work by seeking out the path does sound more like I’m working with Jesus, not just sitting back waiting for him to ‘show me’. I like that!
    Isn’t it great when you go to a conference or meeting and actually learn something? Sounds like you were on fire after this one 🙂

  • It’s true. We get so caught up in trying to see down the road, so worked up over having to wait, that we miss what is right in front of us. Those joy moments along the way that were meant for us to discover and learn from. The seasons of life aren’t about getting through it and on to the next thing – they are about learning, gleaning, and resting. “Tired of craning my neck to see if He is going to take me anywhere good” – Amen to that, sister! Thank you for these wise words today. I need this reminder so very often. Daily. Hourly, even!
    Thank you for your hospitality today!

    • Ruthie, well, thank you so very much for your words to me. It can be so hard not to look ahead and it can be so hard not to trust when we can’t see. I totally get that. Thank you for joining us today! It is a pleasure to have you.

  • “Perhaps, God holds the highlights in his pocket because they are safest there. Because, if we were so caught up in one moment, we would miss the million seconds that he is using to form us into something unbelievable, unparalleled and unfastenable.” Speaking to my heart today friend. I tend to want to run in front of Jesus. I try to give Him all kinds of help. Blessings on your ministry!

    • Thank you for sharing your heart and for being vulnerable in your reply Carmen. When you and I choose to walk with Jesus, we get a chance to look full in his wonderful face! Let’s each grab a hand and go with him! He is bringing us somewhere. Much love to you sweet friend.

  • Thanks Kelly, for encouraging me to wait and trust God! I’m waiting and while I wait there are opportunities to be in His presence and have encounters with my Savior. Thanks Girl! Keep writing!

    Tayrina from TGAWrites

    • Tayrina, I pray that you may find the deep connection to your always-with-you Savior. He has you covered. He has you taken care of. He loves you. You are so precious. I can only imagine all the good things he wants to share with you.

  • Kelly! I don’t know how you do it. Speaking straight to my heart week after week as you share your heart so that He shines through the chambers. Thank you friend. Let’s not miss Him sitting here as we dash past.

    • Katie, I love that this spoke to your heart. What a gift that is. I praise God that his Word is alive and active. He is so faithful to accomplish what he sets out to do. I am grateful for your friendship!

  • Kelly, a resounding yes! You reminded me that my life is good. And God indeed knows what’s good for me. I need to fully trust in that. Somedays that is so much easier said than done. Loved this post!!

    • Thank you Tara! He has all goodness ready for you. He is doing it in just the right way – that is best for you. I know it is hard – it is kind of like a battle – but through the fight, he will reward you with his knowledge and understanding. Keep after it.

  • “The greatest gift isn’t what lays at the end of the road, but it’s found in embracing the one who goes down the road with us.” So true. We don’t have to wait until the end to see Jesus, because He is constantly with us. We need to open our eyes, to slow down, to see that He is working in the mundane, every day as well as the “mountaintop” moments. Thank you for this reminder, Kelly 🙂 Blessing to you, dear one.

    • Gayl, you bet. He is so ever-present. Thank you for your encouraging words. You have a way of being so encouraging. I am thanking God for the gift called Gayl right now.

      • Aw, Kelly, thank you. You are so kind. You are a blessing to so many! Maybe one day we’ll be able to meet in person. 🙂

  • Kelly,
    I feel kindred with you as I read your words….God is often reminding me that the real treasure is right now with Him and with my family and friends and not in some future event…blessings and thanks for being such an encourager of others 🙂 May you continue to experience God’s joy, my friend 🙂

    • Dolly, I pray that you and I can go deep into Jesus. I pray that we can see his heart beat and that his blood flows out through us in all we do! I love how we are on the same page.

  • Ah, I’m not much of a waiter. I want to know the plan, the whole plan, and nothing but the plan. But you’re right–the growth and comes through the hunt (even if I don’t appreciate it in the moment).

  • “The hunt is less about the loot and more about resulting fruit.” Amen! Today’s post grabbed me, Kelly. Loads of truth in there. What a joy it must have been to hear Allen Arnold.

    • I am so glad that it grabbed you. He is such a gift to listen to. He shared such awesome and compelling pictures of hearts that seek intimacy with God. I really loved it.

  • Kelly,
    Thank you for pouring insight out fresh every day. This message so strongly spoke to my heart I had tears in my eyes. As I search for a new job, a new road to walk, He is beside me, but I am forever fighting my impatience for the end result, passing by the fruit on my way….

    • Beth, this morning I felt the Lord putting the weight of one person on my heart. He kind of nudged me that someone would really be impacted by this post. I feel this could have been you. I praise God that you let me know. He is with you. He won’t let you go. He holds you. He walks with you. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deut. 31:6 Please know, you are beyond loved, held, adored and valued – all amidst your time of wait. He stands ready to reveal himself to you.

  • Blessed by your words, Kelly and so happy to (finally) be linking up today with you and the cheerleaders. I’ve often craved a road map – for God to line up my steps and tell me which way to go. Or a drop down menu of choices, at the very least. 🙂 But yes, He has already traveled the road before me and He knows exactly the steps I should take. More than that, He knows that if He gave me the map or menu – I’d probably still try to take control and chart my own course, focused on working my way to the finish line rather than worshiping Him along the way. So, so glad that His will always wins!

    • Tiffany, what a joy it is to have you join us today. I totally get what you explain. Sometimes, we just want to know. We want to know and go God’s way. There is so much comfort in Him; we have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for your comment today.

  • I have been on a bit of a blog break, Kelly, pausing and resting and just letting my heart see this living He calls us to. To see the real ministry right in front of my eyes. So many parts of this post spoke to my heart and I will have to bookmark this to come back and read again with my journal so that I can ‘take notes’. 🙂 I missed writing on my blog, I missed connecting but the break … the pause from the pushing…. it was good because it ties our feet to the ground. We can get so lost in the goal, the plan, or the hoped-for somethings that we stop and we miss the million little moments between the big ones, the places where you remind us that His majesty and miracles happen. I don’t want to miss connecting here, in blogging world, but I am going to covet the time of resting and pausing in Him more than I had. Your words are a confirmation of that lesson learned. Thank you!

    • Dawn, I praise God that you are listening to his call to step back and enjoy those precious in between moments. God will be faithful in this place. I pray that this time is full of rest, replenishing and joy for you. I pray you make deep connections. Please keep in touch with me. I would love to know how things go on your scavenger hunt with God!

  • I love this – speaks so closely to where I am. Some days I long for that map of where God’s taking me – and I’m anxious to make faster progress on the journey. Then, I’m reminded that there’s purpose in the wait. Purpose to prepare me, prepare others and prepare the way. Trusting is the hard part, but also what brings us closer to God.

    • Kathryn, trusting can be so hard. I completely understand how this is. God will equip us both as we rest our hearts in his timing. Thank you for sharing this special comment with me.

  • Hiding the highlights in His pocket…I love that…and I can just see Him doing that…like when you hide a special treat in your pocket, but your child knows there’s something there..she spends all her time thinking about, dwelling on that special treat, even though she doesn’t know what it is…and in so doing, misses out on all the millions of seconds of life. Thanks for posting another great post to ponder, and for hosting. Glad to be back!

    • Thanks Ginger! Yep….along we go…Jesus and us…just enjoying the little journey’s of life – together, forever. 😉 May you relish in the joy of this hunt today!

    • I am so glad you found it too Lux. You are welcome to join us for Monday’s Twitter encouragement party too. We tweet other bloggers with words of encouragement on their blogs using #RaRalinkup. I can’t wait to read more of your work and to get to know you.

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