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A Sure-Fire Way to Get What You Most Want

A Sure-Fire Recipe for Blessings

Most of the time, and I hate to say this, I do anything but what is right.

I get frustrated at crying kids.
Get irritated at the load of work I have to do.
Feel annoyed with people who get in my way.
And grab hold of a discontent heart.
I look at others and judge.

I gravitate towards sin, especially when I am not filtering life through God’s Word.  With the burden of my sin and the distance it causes between me and God, I have been considering how to approach this. Because, like Paul says, I normally end up doing the exact things I don’t want to do. Then, I hate myself for doing them.

How do I do what is good to do and forgo what isn’t?

How do I find God’s  joy and his blessings
as I cast sin aside?

God delivered a simple recipe of truth to answer these questions in the sequence of these verses:

1.) Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. (Ps. 37:4)

It’s simple. Delight.
Delight in his truth.
Delight in his love.
Delight in his law.
Delight even more in his grace.
Delight in his power.
Delight in his sovereignty.
Delight in his being.
Delight in his guidance.
Delight in his mercy.

The more I delight, the more he will help me and offer me the deepest desires of my heart – the things I want the most. The things that I often try to obtain by sin. These are the things he wants to give me.  With this, God pushes out any works based approach as I delight in him.

The power of delighting casts out all fear of the future, people or circumstances, because God casts out any control they have over my future.

When we delight, they have no weight on God giving us what we most desire in the deepest recesses of our heart.

2. Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. (Ps. 37:5)

If my ways are committed, then my ways are likely in his will. In this there is no disappointment, because I will what he wills. We are working in unison. It comes as no surprise to me that he says “he will do it.”

We delight and commit  – and he sees us through it.

When we delight in who God is and what he can and will do, all we want to do is commit to and trust in his amazing ways.

3.  He will bring forth your righteousness as the light… (Ps. 37:6)

What is the result of delighting, committing and trusting?

He gives us the desires of our heart.
He does what we most desire.
​He brings righteousness.

The recipe for blessings is clear – we delight, commit and submit.

As we proclaim his goodness, sing songs of praise from our lips, we discover the joy that is God. We discover his ways, and we let go of our fears.

He makes us righteous solely by residing in him more. He delights us with the most amazing gifts of our lives, things we may not even be aware of, and he will do his will, which we also will in unison.

Let’s stick to this recipe, my friends – it will yield amazing results.

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Kelly, a fun-loving, active and spunky mom of two rambunctious toddlers, spends her days pushing swings, changing diapers and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a "Cheerleader of Faith", Kelly's greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully and unencumbered for the Lord.

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  • Great word, thank you for beimg transparent and also breaking the scripture down so its clear and purposeful. I admire your passion for the Lord and in sharing His truth.

  • Thank you for the encouragement today, Kelly! How often I need to be reminded that when I allow God to be in control and I place my focus on him, he does the work and his blessings are so much better than ones I tried to attain myself!

    Lisa Murray

  • Kelly this was very inspiring and relatable. Its so easy to act on our own but that is what leaves us feeling uncomfortable withcourselves but we we work in unison with the spirit as u mentioned we find joy n peace.

  • Kelly,
    Yes my friend when we proclaim His goodness and delight in Him, all else seems to drift to the background and His glory freed to shine on all those areas that seem dark and dismal. I called my friend today and we talked and prayed and cried and gave thanks as we delighted in Him. Joining you in prayer that we continually delight ourselves in Him.

    • Let’s delight Tyra. I think there is no greater joy than finding joy in him. I celebrate this wonderful conversation you had with a friend. What a joy it sounds like. I am blessed by you!

  • Great recipe-delight, commit and submit! We can certainly do that! While we need to delight on the Lord He also delights in us. One of my favorite verses is Zephaniah 3:17-
    For the Lord your God is living among you.
    He is a mighty savior.
    He will take delight in you with gladness.
    With his love, he will calm all your fears.
    He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”
    Let us delight in God so He delights in us!
    Happy weekend!

  • The power of delighting casts out all fear of the future, people or circumstances, because God casts out any control they have over my future. <— Loved this!!! It encourage me to continue seeking Him, and enjoying His presence in my life. No matter what! Blessings,

    Tayrina from TGAWrites

  • Hello Kelly, Thank you for these bits of faith and encouragement. I find I am in need of such encouragement now a days with my job and my relationship for my sweetheart, also named Kelly. 🙂 She is my total joy, my very heart felt love, one whom I wish to marry one day. We had a fight a few months ago and since then things have not been the same for us and I am at fault for this. Still she is willing to give me another chance and I am grateful, thou I have to say it appears I have not been able to rekindle the love she once had for me. I now ask if you’ll pray for us. Thank you, Frank

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