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Part I: God’s Heart Towards Fear

There’s almost nothing more soul-dropping than when fear hits you like a free-dropping roller coaster. Friends, I am going through a health scare. Ahhh!!! 

The “what-ifs” feel giant. Monsterous. Looming.

Will you pray for God’s healing hand to move in my body?

Although this issue is different, I’ve been here before. Years ago, they thought I had Multiple Sclerosis. Praise God, I turned out okay. Yet, I deeply know how “scary” feels.

This 2-part series on fear is meant to encourage you, your friends, or family standing face-to-face with fear (be it: a job loss, a health issue, a marriage that’s crumbling, financial distress . . .). I want it to be a post people can lean on, return to and keep near.

Here’s what I believe God might want to say directly to fearing hearts, like mine:

Dear Child that I love,

You are mine. All mine. Entirely mine. Do not fear, for I am near. Nearer than the reality of your ever-present fear is me — the one who loves you. Choose to be unafraid and to stand strong in the power of my might. In me, in my strong tower, no winds can tumble you, no force can overtake you and no enemy can remove you from me.

Remember, you are hidden in Christ Jesus.

Wait for me. Trust in me. Pray to me. Expect from me. Expect to see. What you want, I know of, care for, and have the vision to see through. I see from high heights. I know what you don’t know. I have you and I’ll instruct you. I’ll show you the way to walk and then you’ll walk in it. I’ll be with you. Fear is an illusion. The only thing it serves to do is to block you from me — from hearing me, praying to me, and knowing me habitually in your mind. Do not allow what is not — of me to steal my words — from you. I am yours and you are mine. Forever.

The Lord will protect you from all danger; he will keep you safe. (Ps. 121:7)

If you struggle with fear, check out my books, Battle Ready or  Fear Fighting 

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