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Jesus Saves, Again and Again

I say this sometimes to my kid: “If mommy and daddy had all the kids of the world in front of us, and we had to choose one, we would search and search until we found you. We examine every kid face-to-face, looking far and wide FOR YOU. And, we’d keep going until you were safe in our arms. And, when we found you, we’d pick you and keep you forever as our own.”

My friend in Christ, Jesus did that very thing — for you.

He wants you.

He chose you “before the creation of the world…in love.” (Eph. 1:4) Though (Jesus) was rich (in Heaven), for your sake he became poor (by coming to this earthly world)…to make you rich (see: 2 Corinthians 8:9). He chose you, then He found you. Without an ounce of your proving, defending or trying, He died for you, while you were a sinner. (see: Ro. 5:8) A Savior came to save you.

Going right for your heart, Jesus searched you and called you in by dying for you on the cross. He wants you.

Consider: We don’t save someone we don’t want. We don’t go to the lengths of injury and pain to rescue someone we deem worthless. We don’t enter a slum-land, forgoing riches, unless we figure the mission is so critical, it’s worth the risk.

Apparently, you’re worth the risk to God. You, (insert your name here), are worth the conquest. You’re worth Jesus’ pain and suffering. You’re worth the shame He endured. You are chosen, wanted and saved. Delivered and loved.

Your worth is not because you proved yourself good, or holy or righteous, or perfect, or beautiful or all-together, or worthy, but it’s simply because Jesus is worthy. The same is true for us today.

Worthy is the lamb who was slain! He proved: Worthy is our calling in our life – if He chose to save it. Worthy, are those we love – if He calls us to do so. Worthy, is His plan, even if sometimes we can’t understand it or don’t believe in it.

Worthy Savior is our King. Saving is His business. He does the work. You don’t merit it by what you do, how holy you sound, or what you prove. All this? It is a point already proven by Jesus on the cross. To prove Jesus’ point is pride.

Power comes when we let Jesus save us, again and again. When the price He paid takes complete ownership of our life.

Friend, if you feel unseen in the midst of your family, if you feel unloved no matter how much you give, if you feel unworthy even though you try so hard, if you feel alone and rejected by man, if you feel hurt and left behind, if you feel neglected by your husband, if you feel you’ll never amount to anything, if you feel down and a little depressed, if you feel worn out from proving…might you consider this?

Jesus, can and will save you today. Savior is His name. There is no daughter, situation, person or issue too far gone for His saving work. Run into His arms; they’re open to you. He doesn’t need anything from you, except a willingness to receive, in order to give you everything.

You are safe in His arms.

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