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5 Ways to Keep your Eyes on God

Keep your Eyes on God

I brought my kids to the beach. I needed to find some refuge to let them a.) play so that I could b.) get a moment with God. Doing this kind of thing is essential, in life, by the way. Sometimes, you have to break away from what you are immersed in so you can find yourself immersed in love, that way when you are re-immersed into life (mothering, relationships, work, health issues, etc.) you survive. This is what I figure, anyway.

Doing this kind of thing is like pre-CPR, it saves you before your signs go vital – from the anxieties and worries of life that intend to put you 10-feet under. I knew the warning signs for myself, so I hightailed myself over to my personal refuge.

The LORD helps them and delivers them;
he delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
because they take refuge in him. Psalm 37:40

When the beach party was done and all were packed in the car, I slowly meandered down the road to home. The birds chirped, the seagulls floated on the water, the landscape was cloud layers perfectly hovering right above the ocean horizon. I breathed deep, inched on and turned my head ocean to road, ocean to road. Life was good.

your eyes on God

I wasn’t missing anything! So big, and so proud – God’s love nearly gave me a hug. We united and it was a beautiful thing.

Until, that guy did his thing. Until, he became – a tailgater. My face tensed, my eyes squinted, “If only he could get a glimpse of me and my contorted and ugly face through the rearview mirror.” Left and right I scooted trying to make sure he saw me!

He was ruining it all. He was my problem. My heart was pumping with the fresh blood of aggravation.

your eyes on God

All I knew was that I was getting tailed by pressure, and it was stealing peace. I guess it happens all the time, when I stop, and really think about it.

I feel that others are climbing faster and farther and quicker into writing success than I am. They tail me.

I let demands tower high – be a great mom, author, marketer, wife. Don’t mess up. They tail me.

I have issues, pressing things that need to be handled – bills, agendas, contracts, promises that may not come through. They tail me.

What is tailing you, demanding you to take your eyes off of God?

Work? Others? Finances? Fears? Demands? Children? Health? Progress? Pride?

When we allow external pressures to make us testy,
we can easily miss God’s majesty.

Yet, when we let people or things do what they may do, but we keep our eyes straight, we find ourselves driving straight into peace, calm and serenity. 

How do we do this?

Let’s investigate 5 Ways to Keep our Eyes on God:

1. Be present – If you look for God everywhere, you will find him.

2. Delight in him – If you worship him and commune with him like a best friend, he will become your best friend.

your eyes on God

3. Detangle with him – Let the best counselor, the Holy Spirit, counsel your heart when it goes haywire (John 14:26). He will, you know, and you’ll find a way.

4. Observe Gods’ teachings intended for you – Consider the question, “What is the Lord trying to teach me through this?”

5. Say thanks – When you get offering thanks, you get knowing who you really are – a loved child, who God will always provide for. You relish in the feeling, your God and your forever standing.

Sure, that man nearly bumped me. He nearly bumped my heart right away from receiving the love of God, but this is the ultimate truth: Even if you get away for a moment, as a believer, your heart will never be removed for an eternal lifetime.

With this, we can just get our heart, our being and our focus back on his trajectory. We can drive, and keep our eyes on God, knowing that we are heading into his glorious riches. 

***All pictures taken by my 4-year old son! 😉

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  • I enjoyed your post Kelly – what a beautiful blog you have and what a joy to live so near the ocean you can walk home. Happy Friday

  • Kelly,
    I really needed this today. Even when you’re doing God’s work it is possible to get “tailed”. That’s how I’m feeling right now and the enemy is prowling. I needed these reminders. So true it’s hard to worry and be anxious and give thanks at the same time. Thanking God, praising Him, being present with Him all go a long way to getting those tailgating monsters off our backs!!
    Blessings to you,

  • Oh yes, stomach clenches, blood pressure rises, teeth grind……all because I focus on what’s tailing me and not on God. Thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes on Him! Here’s to removing those “monsters”. Thanks Kelly, Cindy

  • The phrase that caught me heart today: Detangle with Him. I do a pretty masterful job of winding myself up. Thankful that His truth is what I need to untie the knots.

  • Great analogy Kelly! I needed to hear this today. Sometimes I get caught up with feeling like I’m not measuring up and I allow those thoughts to “tail me.” This is such a good reminder for me to keep my focus on Jesus instead of what’s lurking in the back of my mind.

  • I let the demands of running late, meeting deadlines at work and juggling that with family life steal my peace. I’ve done this all my life. Thank you for your honest sharing – God, through your words, speak life.

  • Well stated Kelly! External pressures make us testy…that is true for me at times. I find myself repenting for this more often than not but am encouraged that I now recognize the effect this attitude can have on those close to me. I ask God to empower me with the strength to see His glory and feel His power within me every day. Thanks for sharing your story and these insightful tips to help us keep our eyes on God. Have a wonderful week Kelly and may God bless you and yours!

  • It’s easy to keep our eyes on that tailgater, whatever lurks around us. Love this reminder to keep our eyes focused on the One who orchestrates our journey.

    Blessings to you today, Kelly!

  • Kelly, great perspective in your post. We cannot control what others do, but we can control how we react. Thank you for using your experience for good, and to point us to the Answer when we feel we are being tailgated! Much love, friend!

  • Thanks for speaking the truth-so simply and reminding me not to get so caught up with life’s problems that I forget to spend enough time recharging my battery with God. Bless you for impacting me and others.

  • Ye I looked out the window and I didn’t see him I even tried twice amd called for him but I didn’t get answer. By this point the neighbors were looking at me real weird and I wasn’t sure what to do so I figured my neighbors must be atheist and chucked at eggs at their house but they saw me do it so I ran back in which was inconvenient because they happen to be living next door. I sat in silence searching in my head for the holy light and heard a soothing voice: “lmao dude you got that house good bro that guy was well agry init”. The lords words brighten my day

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