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5 Ways to NOT get distracted from God

NOT get distracted

My son can’t keep his eyes on me when I talk to him. Granted, he is only six, but his small eyes wander left and right when I’m giving instruction. It drives me nuts.

“Hey boy, Mama is over here, not under the table…”

I hate it the most during those lean-in kind of conversations, the ones where I really need him to pay attention because I have something important to say. When his head starts spanning the ceiling, I just know he isn’t listening. I’ve lost him somewhere. It is usually hard to bring him back and get him to hear me.

Like my son, we can’t easily hear God when our eyes are off him.  We can’t easily follow what He is doing when we look left and right and all around.

We miss His directions. God may be standing in the center of our intersection called “life,” waving his arms, trying to tell us where to go. But if we have our head turned in other directions, thinking about random thoughts, annoyances, pestering people and pain-soaked problems, we won’t see what he is doing or saying to lead us.

So how do we keep our eyes on God so we can follow him? How do we focus our attention on his Word, on prayers and on his beauty so we find ourselves full of his joy?

I’ve mulled over this question long and hard, day after day, week after week and the more I consider it, the more I am finding these steps keep intimacy in this crazy world.

5 Ways to Keep Focus on God:

  1. Give yourself allowance. You have a human mind that does human things. It gets distracted. It wonders about random people. It notices ancillary objects. It tallies up its list of to-dos.Don’t hate yourself for getting off track. Just choose to get back on.
  2. Go back to where you last were with God. Example: If you are reading the bible and you find your mind has gone off another trail, return it back to where you last were.Pick up on the last place you remember being with God.
  3. Swap what you listen to. I watched a Nazi film last night. I couldn’t think about God, nonetheless sleep. But on the nights I pray before bed, I go to bed thinking, dwelling and at peace with God.Sometimes you have to swap what you watch or partake in.
  4. Ask for God’s help to stay awake to him.Then, act like it’s Christmas. Know that today, God has something good for you and you don’t want to miss it.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jer. 33:3

     5. Shut it all down. Literally.Shut down your phone, computer and your active-lifestyle. Pick a certain amount of time and call it off limits. Let no one, no how, no way encroach on that time with God. Then, during this time, refer to items 1-4 above.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” (Is. 26:3)

The more you practice these things, the more these things will seamlessly and effortlessly become part of your life. They’ll soak into your thinking, living and doing. . . and before you know it, you’ll find yourself walking with God far more often than you’re not.

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  • Kelly, this is so good and encouraging. I’m a practical steps girl, so I love your 5 steps here. I’m going reread them now to remember them. This is such an important topic to me. Interesting that I also wrote about Isaiah 26:3 (and 4 too) today.

  • The phrase “awake to Him” really stood out to me, Kelly.
    So often I go through life on screech with my mind everywhere. How different my day will be if I maintain a steady contact with the Prince of Peace.

  • Kelly,
    Love these practical insights to keep our focus on God and not our circumstances. Being aware of what we watch and how it may impact our mind is necessary. Praying and having that uninterrupted time with God keeps our connection with Him strong. I love giving yourself allowance and resetting your focus. All great ideas. Thank you for sharing. Have a fantastic week and God bless you and yours.

  • Kelly, as the mother of two boys, I feel you on the eye contact listening thing! And yet, I am just as guilty as my boys when it comes to listening to God sometimes. Getting into His word is the best thing we can do when life and people try to distract us. Your five tips are fabulous!

  • “we can’t easily hear God when our eyes are off him. We can’t easily follow what He is doing when we look left and right and all around.”
    YES, YES, YES! 1000x YES!
    You go where your focus is.

  • Thanks for the wonderful insight, God is leading us to the most beautiful haven called heaven and he has good plans for us but we miss out on these most significants things when we allow our self to be distracted, I will keep your tips I want to be more focused on the most high God.

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