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How Do You Receive a Drop-In? (Link Up)

When I was growing up I remember my mother’s friends dropping-in from time to time. It seems the art of the drop-in has been all but lost in our generation and I think it’s too bad.

Guests coming by unexpectedly can brighten our day if we let go of our need to have everything just the way we want it.

Sure, I appreciate a text or heads-up before my friends swing by unannounced—tightly wound woman here, remember? But there is beauty found in learning to be flexible.

God used a bible verse to illuminate my need for readjustment when faced with the unexpected.

“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” -Matthew 18:5

In our case, we are actually welcoming a child into our family in late May. I want to receive this unexpected gift by welcoming her as I would welcome Christ, both into my home and heart. This verse in Matthew prompted me to examine whether or not I am receiving well or carrying on with a fast-paced, overly ambitious agenda, as usual.

Too often I miss the beauty in the unexpected because
I like to be in charge and set the plan for my days.

How about you? How do you respond when you are redirected or interrupted?
Will you choose to welcome the drop-in? Whether God is bringing a child, an unannounced guest or some other form of unexpected circumstances into your life, how will you receive it?

Will you drop what you’re doing to receive the drop-in or
insist on sticking to your agenda?

Maybe the drop-in is a creative assignment that has you shaking in your cowgirl boots?
Maybe the drop-in is a new friend that needs a lot of prayer and a listening ear?
Maybe the drop-in is a season of suffering that will refine you as gold?

Let’s embrace the unexpected, even when it’s inconvenient or intimidating. Let’s trust the God who dropped love into our lap when we were lost in sin.

Let’s continue this discussion over at Katie’s place. Today the #RaRaLinkup is being hosted at Katie M. Reid’s blog. Click this link to join us… 

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  • Ah Katie, I miss the “slow” of my childhood. My neighbors and grandparents used to drop by all the time. We sat on the porch or played in the yard and talked to people walking their dogs or riding bikes. It’s not that we don’t do some of that now, but everything seems to contrived, so rushed.

    I remember the first time another mom asked if I wanted to schedule a “play date”. What?!? I’m still getting used to it all. My husband and I have discussed working hard to get to know our neighbors better this year. Thank you for this important piece!

  • Katie, I love this. You are so right on girlfriend. You almost need breathing room for the unexpected so you can just roll with it when it happens knowing God had a plan for it in your day.

  • Love this, Katie. My drop-in this week is my mother going into the hospital yet again, right when I thought I would be getting a couple of weeks to catch up on things at home, after her last hospital stay. I have to remind myself not to get overwhelmed by the driving back and forth, and all the medical discussions, and to just appreciate the extra time I am getting with her, regardless of the circumstances. Your post has so may applications in my life. Thank you for the beautiful way you share, and congratulations again on your baby!

  • Things that interrupt “our” plans are challenging! I’m working to see these interruptions as opportunities. After all, they’re not surprises to God! JOYful wishes, and congratulations on the new little one!

  • Very well said, Katie! We lived in the Midwest and the “drop in” was likely not as common as some areas of the country, but it did very occasionally occur. Your words speak so honestly about what can bother me about it….things like my desire to have things in my day and my house in order. Slowing down is something I have begun doing a bit more of, but it took me to the point of retiring to be more at ease with it. Thanks so much for this.

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