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How to Tell if You’re Running To Burnout?

Running To Burnout

Lately, I have been pushing kids and driving life everywhere. Life has been an express train to destination. People have been figurines that need to keep in motion. Tasks have been boxes that need to be seen, mastered and checked off.

Life has been mechanical.

It has been more of a factory of output, than an industry of love.
It has been more about efficiency, than about humility.
It has been more about schedule, than making others feel special.
It has been more about me, than anyone else.

And this is the problem. Do you have a problem like this?

The greatest indicator that you do, is when you start to leave your great God behind you. Or when your time with him feels more like another motion on the list of to-do’s than the emotion of joy.

When you start to feel distance between him and you, you know there is some thinking you have to do. Because, without a doubt, if his love is not deeply inflowing, your love can’t go about deeply outflowing. And if you aren’t feeling the weight of his daily grace you likely are:

1. Getting annoyed at people
2. Finding yourself pulled every direction
3. Lost, in a world that wants you to do everything
4. Trying to be the best you can be by your own merit
5. Feeling that world is acting on you
6. On edge with those you most love
7. Distracted with rush
8. Frantic at best
9. Worried often
10. Tired and worn

Here is the hard and fast truth friends: we simply can’t be move like a rollercoaster, on the tracks of frantic, and expect to sit at Jesus’ feet of love with a focused and settled heart of joy. It is like slowing down a missile on command; it takes time and it is not done in an instant. The same goes with us.

A heart in constant motion has a hard time settling down to the beat of God’s peace. 

Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway? But you say, ‘I can’t help it. I’m addicted to alien gods. I can’t quit.’ Jer. 2:25 MSG

This verse speaks to Israel, full of wild lusts, desires and leadings. While we may not be like them, worshipping gods of other nations, many of us are still falling prey to finding our identity in the idol of busy. Many of us, think we should slow down, but we can’t stop. Many of us might consider the words spoken here, “I can’t quit.”

Might God speak in a similar way – to us today?

What are you after when you get after life – in ravenous pursuit?

What do you think you will eat that God will not feed you?

In our inadvertent worship of our “alien gods”, we think we will fill our bellies, grow strong and be sent out into the world full of admiration, achievement and love.  The only problem is that when we find our identity in idols we find inadequacy in every way.

God has a different route for those willing to shut off the iPhone, set down the iPad and to turn off the me, myself and iFocus. It is this: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Mt. 11:28

Come to me, I love you.
Come to me, I miss you.
Come to me, I can’t wait to be with you.
Come to me in your comings and come to me in your goings.
Come to me, when you feel you can’t.
Come to me and I will show you if you can.
Come to me, you won’t live on empty, but always full.
Come to me, I will give you peace.
Come to me, you will find rest.
Come to me and you will find more than you can ask, think or imagine.
Come to me and I will untrap you faster than you can run yourself haggard.
Come to me and I will rejoice over you with singing and you will join my splendor. 
Come to me and you will simply see me. 
Come to me and you will dance free in this life that wants to ball and chain you to destruction.

I am your way. My way is your light. My load is easy. I am gentle, kind and slow to anger. I am a guide, a light and a life-preserver in the oceans of this world.  I am more than you need and more than anything you could ever want. I am the answer to fears and all the same the only extender of peace. I am the source of contentment and the blocker of abandonment.

I wait for you. Come.

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