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When Your Mouth Speaks Stupid

Speaks Stupid

It was an odd encounter. I am not sure why. I didn’t intend to make it odd, but my mouth got ahead of my mind. What was meant to come out as, “Wow! You are so talented…” rolled out as, “What do you think you are being led to do in life?”

As if she wasn’t already doing enough.
As if God wasn’t already using her.
As if there was more to life than the moment she was currently in.

The second my question made its weird appearance, I wanted to withdraw it. I wanted to grab it and stuff it back into my mouth because I could see what it was producing: a seat-shifting sense that she should be doing more. That where God planted her feet today wasn’t good enough.

Yet, where she was — was entirely good enough. In fact, I was very much struck by the individual. And although I’d just met her minutes ago (another reason my mouth should have shushed it), I knew her wisdom and insight would have an impact on my life, as it has with so many others.

I left the gathering. On the way home, all I could think was: She thinks I am an oddball. I came off as prideful. She feels put down…not used enough…like she should have some greater mission…all because of my fast track mouth.

My hands clenched the car seat. My ears tuned out my husband and my embarrassment stuck on me like icky glue. It kept on bothering me — for days.

Yet, something hit me as I wrote this story down, after seeing it in black and white. What if the big deal I made about my words was really only a small deal to her? And what if her shifting around was only because she was bound to a clock and needed to start the meeting? What if her short response was only because she was thinking about what she needed to do next?

What if I read into things? And what if her words were far less about me, because she was already on to the next thing?

What if she didn’t really think I was:

the weirdo
the oddball
the arrogant one
the insensitive girl

What if she just thought I was a new person who seemed nice, who she is interested in getting to know as well?

How many times do we personalize predicaments and let them name us poorly? How many times do we let the enemy declare us bad when God is trying to set up a good friendship? How many times do we see our failings when others aren’t seeing that at all?

That night at the prayer gathering, I lost my prayer mojo because I kept thinking I injured her. I lost the chance to plead for, impact and change the hurting lives of others because I was caught up in my own mind-story. I lost God’s better plan.

When we personalize issues that really are not personal, we always lose God. We let our feet venture off his track and we head down some windy road with the goal of making man love us. We divert love. We walk away from Him who is love.

“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ (Gal. 1:10).”


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  • So glad I read this. This morning I was having an issue in my own mind that was starting to steal my prayer time. As I was tapping my phone to see my emails, I was quietly uttering the word “stupid”. Imagine how surprised I was when I read the title of your post!! Although my struggle was different than yours, God spoke to me through your words and His Word (Gal 1:10) today!

  • Curious, did you ever ask her about it? I hate it when I personalize things. I have done a lot of that this week and the enemy has been having a hay day with me. I am putting it to a stop right now.

  • When I’ve been told I shouldn’t say stupid, I had to think that Jeremiah said all men are foolish, pretty much the same, ( and licking someone’s shoe on the playground was a stupid thing and I said don’t do it ), the devil can get over picky coming after us, especially, if Mark 11:23 is familiar. Personally, I think stupid may be a sort of second language to us sometimes when we are really trying to the right thing. If the devil convinces others we’re crazy or makes us that way, he’s got it made. But we don’t give up that easily do we? We’ve got his number.

  • I struggle with this on a regular basis. Earlier this week the Lord had just opened my eyes to what I called over analyzing everything for what it truly is…people pleasing. Then I read this post today. So timely! “I lost God’s better plan”- Really resonated with me…it’s exactly what happens when we have all these “mind-stories” going on. Needed this…thank you!

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