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Giving up

Have you ever heard that small little voice in your head?

The one that says, “You can’t really do that.”
The one that says, “Why try, you won’t be like her.”
“No one really cares.”
“You don’t matter.”

This is the voice sent to knock us down.

To throw us off track and to keep us back.

It has tried that with me – to say that requirements and protocols are greater than God’s great call on my life.
To say that others’ will succeed and I won’t.
To say, no one will really want you.
To say, you need to do things your own way – make things happen.

These thoughts, so often, propel me into self-protection mode.  A mode where I have to strive to be loved. Compare to find encouragement. Delay to protect myself from failure. Or simply waste into the effects of self-doubt.

Jesus speaks of giving up our lives for others.

So, how can I be giving up my life
when I am trying to grab hold of it for myself?

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  John 15:13

“Self thoughts” – are not “God thoughts.” They are simply red flags that show I am off God’s track for me.

Because “Self” weakens courage with words of debilitating doubt and flat-out failure. Self makes us live like leeches: drawing affirmations from others and consuming criticisms that destroy all the same. It makes us reliant on blood, but not the blood of Jesus Christ.

No wonder we don’t really get anywhere. No wonder OUR purpose stagnates. No wonder we feel unsure.

When we break free from God – only to see our self – we break our spirit, our passion and our great mission handed down from God above.

The hard truth, and it is hard to believe sometimes, is that: God’s purpose is not centered around me.

With God, it’s never been centered around one person – except for the one who hung on a cross.
The second we see it is all about Him, is the second we step into God’s great mission.

Then, we don’t lose God’s great vision.
We stop running like a gerbil in a hamster.
We no longer lay claim to discouragement.

God moves in and inadequacy moves out.

God, the supreme dream maker moves in.
The visionary leader moves in.
The requirements shatterer moves in.

To move us into life-lasting and eternal purpose.
His purpose.
A grand master plan created uniquely just for us to live out.
One that transcends us, time, people and the devil.

He send us down roads that he knows will bless us, even though it’s not always about us. Our roads may not look like we planned, they may not send us where we intended to go, but all the same they will drop us down on our knees in complete awe and wonder. They will stagger us.

We can’t begin to fathom. We can’t draw this up ourselves.
And we certainly can’t attain this with voices that are not from God.

As we listen to the right voice, we will see his greatness unfold through us, for us and for others.

As we set our eyes on him,
his unique and well-thought-out mission comes into view.

One that is not defined by our desires.
Or necessarily our dreams.
Or others.

But solely by the power of his loving authoritative hand.
Found through hearts that trust him.

Found by ones who have a deep understanding that God is for them – and not against.

Can you hear the power behind this?

God is at work in us and through us, as he works his grace and love.

In this, we can wave our white white flag wildly in surrender. Over here God! Do you see us? We are the ones who want to go where you want to go. We will follow you, not that small voice of defeat.

We can live wildly, passionately and with fervor. We only need him. He is the only way. He is the ultimate way. He will unfold both our heart’s desires and his “kingdom come” here on earth. He is working all things out. Let’s listen.

***Side note: I couldn’t get this post right today. I tweaked it until the last minute. The voice of self-doubt creeped in the whole time I was writing it. All I could hear was “this really is the worst post you have put up.” I wanted to take it down, but I am fighting that voice and posting it right now.  I am fighting back because Jesus reigns – not self-doubt!

Find encouragement in this amazing song of purpose!


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Kelly, a fun-loving, active and spunky mom of two rambunctious toddlers, spends her days pushing swings, changing diapers and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a "Cheerleader of Faith", Kelly's greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully and unencumbered for the Lord.

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  • Hi Kelly! I’m so glad you went ahead and posted this. I can relate to posting something and wondering. But it’s about Him and not about us and what people will think of us! Wow, if I could just get my mind and heart around that truth: God’s purposes are NOT all centered around ME! Thanks for your transparency here.

    • You bet Betsy! I am tired of that stinkin’ little no good rotten voice. ha! I am happy I trusted God too. It doesn’t matter if it is the best or the worst, what matters is that I relied on him. That is the whole point!

  • I am so glad you posted this today. When we hear this is the worst God is whispering louder “this is the best”. Your words are right at the heart of what so many of us need to hear. “self” does steal our courage but God is the keeper of it and we just need to turn to Him. When you say “As we listen to the right voice, we will see his greatness unfold through us, for us and for others” I know God is greater than any of the voices of the world and I hear “you can do it”. Love this and your beautiful heart for sharing just what is needed.

    • Mary, I really love your words here. Beautiful. I love that we hear God whispering this is the best. You know, he doesn’t need our work, he needs our heart. Your heart is amazing Mary. Thank you.

  • Kelly,
    I echo Betsy…so glad you posted today! I needed to hear that self-thoughts are not God-thoughts; they are just red flags that I am off God’s track for me…Amen. Too often I get caught up in the negativity in my head when I need to realize that it’s truly from the enemy and I have the power and permission to tell him to take a hike!
    Bev xx

  • Oh yes, I know that voice all too well. But I’m learning how to ignore it, and im glad you did too! Blessings today, and thank you for this community:)

  • Oh Kelly, I was shocked when I got to the end of this and saw you thought this was your worst post. I found so much encouragement here, today, as I always do. I feel like I’m in that hamster wheel right now, too focused on what I shouldn’t be. I’m definitely out of balance and need to get back with God first. So glad you didn’t listen to that unnecessary little voice that haunts so many of us, my friend.

    • Thank you Candace. It’s funny how we condemn ourselves isn’t it? I am so glad I posted because I obeyed God above me. He taught me the exact lesson I was working through! Love that – and love you.

  • “Self thoughts” – are not “God thoughts.” They are simply red flags that show I am off God’s track for me, such truth shared here friend. Prayerfully the red flag will serve as a reminder to divert that attention away from self and back to Jesus. As always, thank you for sharing your heart so that others might be free.

  • Thank you for not allowing doubt to keep you from posting! Ive struggled with much of the same backsliding. I love when you say to take your eyes off off our dreams and place them on God. That is my goal today. Thank you!

  • Kelly, thanks for your beautiful words this morning cheering me on to surrender to Him! And your community here is so appreciated, I am so inspired by everyone encouraging each other last night and today!

  • So encouraged by you today! I truly believe as you say, that “As we listen to the right voice, we will see his greatness unfold through us, for us and for others.” That allows me to take the next step and trust that He doesn’t need me to be perfect, just available! Blessings to you this week, Kelly! #RaRalinkup

    Lisa Murray

  • Boy, Satan was really doing a number on you! I’m glad you pushed past those voices of doubt and condemnation and posted a timely and meaningful post that so many of us can relate to. When you’re God’s cheerleader, you’re going to get opposition from the one who wants to beat you down. So, Kelly, I pray blessings, security, courage, and power over you today and always. Dear Lord, move mightily in Kelly’s life and grant her favor for her faithfulness to you and to us fellow cheerleaders. Because when you move in, insecurity moves out. Kelly said it. Help her to know it. Love you!

  • “As we listen to the right voice, we will see his greatness unfold through us, for us and for others.”

    Oh that I would always listen to that voice!! Thanks for this Kelly <3

  • Kelly, I am so glad you went ahead & posted it. Perhaps in “getting it right” it would have truly been all wrong. Do you know what I mean? God knew exactly how it needed to be to fall just so in our hearts & minds. Your afterthought reminded me how His ways & thoughts are not my own & to come to the place of total reliance on Him for the outcome of all we do. Personally, I loved this post & think it was right just as it is 🙂 Blessings!

    • Thank you Joanna. I totally get you! I think that was exactly the point. He was showing me that right is not always what he wants. He can work through anything! I love that.

  • Kelly, God has done it again. We wrote on similar themes about those voices that say we aren’t good enough. We need to recognize those voices as lies because as you said, “God is at work in us and through us, as he works his grace and love.” When we remember that, we will know that we are not failures. How could we be when He is working in and through us? I’m glad you didn’t listen to that voice that told you this was not a good post. IT IS VERY GOOD! Love you! xo

    • I love that! It’s like he knows what we need and he is weaving his truthful message into the tapestry of #RaRalinkup. I love it. We are more than enough in Christ Jesus; his grace is entirely sufficient.

  • Thank you for posting this. And thank you for proving your humanness in doubting yourself to post it! I do that every.single.time. My self-doubt is debilitating. My dad keeps telling me to simply rest in God, because I don’t have to strive for Him to love me. His words rang in my ears as I read your post. It is so true. God loved us before we ever DID anything!
    I struggle with so many things you mentioned here. Oh, I have so much work to do!! Thank you, Kelly! Thank you.

    • Ha! I know. Self-doubt is a beast that is best left where it belongs – miles away. Ha! God loves us so much for nothing that we do and everything he did. May we just cling to his voice today and tomorrow Dana.

  • Kelly, those voices of self-doubt threaten to drown out God’s voice that says you are loved and filled with the purposes of the great I AM. Thank you, Kelly, for being an example of allowing God to move and kicking inadequacy out.

  • Don’t listen to those enemy voices for this so speaks to the hearts of many. You express this struggle so concisely and accurately: “A mode where I have to strive to be loved. Compare to find encouragement. Delay to protect myself from failure. Or simply waste into the effects of self-doubt.” I’ve been sinking in that spot, and I surrender my heart trusting that God has got it. And he does.

  • “The hard truth, and it is hard to believe sometimes, is that: God’s purpose is not centered around me. With God, it’s never been centered around one person – except for the one who hung on a cross. The second we see it is all about Him, is the second we step into God’s great mission.” Remembering it’s not about me, how I feel, what I want, where I want to go with ministry, life, marriage is a struggle for this old human flesh. Beautifully written friend. Love you!

    • It is a fleshly struggle that rises up again and again and again. I can’t help but think this is why God tells us to re-new our mind. We have to keep on doing it! Much love Carmen. Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Hi Kelly! I am really warring on the inside these days, I think I’m not getting enough done in a day…it’s really making me a bit crazy. I related very strongly to the point about relying on my own human strivings, and not allowing Jesus in.

    Of course He is in charge of me, not myself, and it’s a good thing too! With Him is peace. With Him is the right course of action. This is great confirmation for me, and I thank you for saying ‘no way’ to that voice that told you not to post this today. Good for you!

    • The war is hard Ceil. Let’s arm up and fight back hard to drop all our walls and pretenses before Jesus. Jesus is in charge of us! I am glad you are joining me in this process.

  • Kelly, I’m glad that you fought back that self doubt and published this, because it was incredibly encouraging and just what I needed to read today. Those voices of doubt are not from God.

  • Kelly,
    I’m delighted you didn’t listen to self-doubt and you published this post which is chock-full of life giving truth…I constantly must remind myself that it is not about me…it is about Christ and God’s Bigger Story and I have the privilege of having my smaller story woven into His Story….blessings to you 🙂

  • Kelly, you are not alone. It was good to “air” this selfish laundry on your post today. I have it too, and I suspect there are others in our camp as well. Truly, as you mentioned, I believe it’s about that white flag of surrender. When we lay it all down at the throne: our thoughts, aspirations, needs, wants, plans, and striving, then God is worshiped. Amen.

    • Yes, it is good to air it out. It makes me think of the verse that tells us to confess our sins to one another. God honors that. Of course, I am airing my sins out much wider than most, but I am trusting God to use it for his glory!

  • Oh girl… so often, these posts that feel so off – so raw – so wrong… they are the very ones that need to be read and devoured and digested! Thank you for pushing publish and being brave anyway! It matters! (And oh my stars… that Misty Edwards song… Gah!) xoxo

  • Ouch! .What a convicting message for me today! “God’s purpose is never centered on one person. Only the one that hung on the cross. Great reminder and very humbling. Great message today. I’m glad you posted it.

  • Kelly, I’m so very glad you hit “publish” – I really needed to read this today. Yes, I have been hearing those voices! Thank you for the reminder to look to Christ alone!

  • Kelly, you always encourage and inspire my heart!

    ”The hard truth, and it is hard to believe sometimes, is that: GOD’S purpose is not centered around me. With GOD, it’s never been centered around one person – except for THE ONE WHO hung on a cross. The second we see it is all about HIM, is the second we step into GOD’S great mission.” <— Yes, yes, yes!

    LORD, help us to focus more on CHRIST and less on ourselves. Help us to always put YOUR Will above our own.

    Thank you for sharing such a powerful post, Love! Love you and infinite blessing to you, my friend! 🙂

    #RaRaLinkup 😉

    • To hear that my words have encouraged a Godly woman like you is enough to make me jump up and down for joy Tai. You are so in his will. I cheer you on as you seek him in all things, in all ways at all times. Go Tai Go!

  • Kelly, I am so glad you pushed through that self-doubt and posted this. It speaks volumes, truly, and this very subject has been on my heart lately. I have been dealing with self-doubt too and simply watching you be brave encourages me to continue moving forward. Thank you. Love, love this post and you.

    • Abby,
      Thank you dear friend. I am so glad I pushed through also. I think these words want to make us feel shame-filled and guilty. I struggled with the fact that I posted it all day yesterday. I think the strong opposition internally means that God is working something through in someone’s life externally. You know what I mean? I trust that! Not feelings. Love you Abby. Thank you for encouraging my soul. You are beyond a blessing!

  • So glad that you went forward and hit publish on this post…. cause this shatters every self-made angle I try to spin my lack of trust and humility from; “The hard truth, and it is hard to believe sometimes, is that: God’s purpose is not centered around me.”
    Yep. the swallowing just got a little harder.
    Thank you for being obedient, Kelly, God works out of our willingness to surrender, and because of Him, this may be the most powerful post yet 😉
    Much love to you, I’ll be sharing this today, so powerful.

    • Christine, your words gave me goosebumps from head to toe and left me with tears in my eyes. It is the most meaningful thing, as you know, to be able to speak into someone’s heart the life-transforming words of Christ and then to see them at work. Wow. I praise God for this honor. Thank you dear one for sharing this with me. You bless me so much with your honesty. God loves you heart that is willing to take a look and see…

    • Thank you Gina. It is hard to get into the nitty gritty of it all sometimes. I find it easier to run, but then I have to deal with it x10 – blah! Keep doing your awesome thing Gina, as you walk with him.

  • If I would only live this out! It’s SO hard Kelly!! Praying that God will help me to stop focusing so much on SELF and start focusing on HIM! Thanks for a great word today.

    • Yes Kortney! I know how it is. It is hard to let go and let God. I am trying to remember his faithfulness more and more to walk in it more and more. Have a super duper double blessed day!

  • We truly are in a battle with the evil one who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. Kill our godly desires and our testimony for Christ. Steal our joy, our sense of purpose, and our identity in Christ. And destroy God’s good works in our lives. We are a huge threat to him. Praise God for helping you to stand firmly against the lies, and to share you love and encouragement!
    You are an incredible blessing!
    Much love,

    • You are so right Kamea. He won’t relent. Let us use it as fuel to our fire, knowing that we have something he thinks is worth coming after. Let’s stand firm dear friend. No more. We will not bow down.

  • Our former pastor used to call these the “voices of defeat.” Praise God that He is the Shepherd, and that His sheep hear His voice! Thanks for the great post & for hosting & God bless.

  • Kelly thank you for posting this post. So needed to read this! And also I think you are a fantastic writer so when you say you think this is your worst post, it makes me realize that we all struggle sometimes.

    • Tara, you bet! It is my absolute pleasure to share my heart. I was hesitant with this one, but I am so glad you did. We are all struggling. I think every one of us probably has moments of being unsure. It is so much better to share the truth of these moments rather than to hide them. Also, I saw you made a comment about me here: http://www.womensbiblecafe.com/100-top-faith-blogs/ You are so sweet! What a nice compliment. Thank you for being such a special part of the #RaRalinkup

  • Kelly I am beyond thankful for your faithfulness to post this! There is so much power and truth in your words! You hit the nail on the head with this: “With God, it’s never been centered around one person – except for the one who hung on a cross. The second we see it is all about Him, is the second we step into God’s great mission.”
    I need to daily, hourly, minute-by-minute remember that it is not about me! It is ALL about Jesus and no matter what I do, or think I can do, if it is God’s will … it can be done! #RaRaLinkup

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