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Understanding Heals

Understanding Heals

He didn’t want to get out and all I wanted to do was climb back in, cover my head and ponder how one can be so completely incapable of handling a bad situation.

But, instead of retreating into myself, I grabbed his legs and pulled. I pulled with all my might and – like a rubber band – his body extended in and out of the car – over and over again.  This cat-and-mouse game seemed to be the workout that would never end. It continued to the point where his pants were nearly coming off.

Annoyance melted away and in its place was a big smile and a spirit of fun.

Sometimes, when life gives you the worst, you just gotta return it back your best.
Sometimes, when things get hard, changing your approach changes your feelings.
Sometimes, when you don’t know what to do, you don’t have to.

You just do what will keep your head on, your heart in and love pouring out.

I was kind of proud of myself in this moment for not letting that 3-year old defeat me. Yet, as I turned around one stood ready to bring me back to that place of defeat.

I met man. He stood staring, eyes laser focused right on me. Right on my antics. Uh-oh.

I realized, he had been waiting right. next. to. me. Waiting for what must have been a very long time. I was blocking his door.

All I could muster was “Oh, I am so sorry. Have you been here long?”

He answered, “You know, I have been where you are. Just know, I completely understand.” 

Meeting his words was like meeting a doctor filled with compassion.
His understanding quenched my thirst for acceptance.
His tone let me know that I was not alone.

The simple words “I understand” changed the game.

And, this really gets me to thinking. So many times, we think we are alone, we think we can’t walk, we think we need to retreat in our cars, we think we are the only person screaming out amidst thousands. We think we can’t handle things.

We think no one gets our situation.

But one does. One always understands.
One looks and says, “You know, I have been there. I understand.”

When life breaks down, this one says, “I understand.”
When feelings pound over you like a boxer in a ring, he says, “I understand.”
When you have to go somewhere you don’t want to go, he says, “I understand.”
When people don’t do what you want them to do, he says, “I understand.”
When (fill in the blank), he says, “I understand.”

This one is Jesus.

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet he did not sin. Heb. 4:15

As we see that God understands, he:

changes our hurting hearts to hopeful ones.
no longer seems far away, but near in today.
confirms to your spirit that if he got through, you can too.
doesn’t appear to point at your inadequacy, but he simply points out love.

In every case, at all times Jesus understands. He is well acquainted with pain and suffering. He doesn’t look to beat you down, but he understands to build you up. He doesn’t look to condemn, but to conform your heart to his as he configures your emotions to his truth.

Freedom and grace are packaged in the understanding
that God understands.

Freedom and grace are packaged though people who show others they understand.

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich. 2 Cor. 8:9


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  • It’s always a relief when you find someone who understands. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights. You are such a blessing.

  • How wonderful a truth to know He truly understands! It makes all the difference in the world! Thanks for this, sweet friend. I’ve had an extremely rough week. It’s complicated, but its reassuring to know that He knows, and like you’ve said before, ‘He’s got this’.
    Blessings and hugs,

    • Thanks Kamea, I am so sorry your week has been hard. I know how that can be. One thing is for sure – one will never leave your side. He has you, no matter how you feel. Let me know how I may pray for you.

  • So true! We feel we are alone but He is with us and there are those who travel this road with us! Thank you for the reminder! Happy Friday, Kelly!

  • That makes me to always want to be on the other side of that understanding. To be the one who is waiting to open her car door and gives grace to the mama wrestling with her three-year-old or trying to buckle two kids in a car seat and unload groceries. Thanks, Kelly. I love your words.

  • Oh how I love this! Solidarity is so underrated… to know that another has been where you are, or IS where you are… beautiful. And sometimes, it’s the only thing that gives you the “ooomph” you need to wipe the tears and breathe, and keep going! I’m so grateful for a God who meets me right where I am as well, and who understands. It certainly makes it easier for me to connect with Him when I grasp that truth. Beautiful, honest post; thank you for sharing! #livefree

  • A few weeks ago in our small group we talked about how much of a comfort it is to just have someone else say ‘me too.’ Me too means someone else has been where you are and survived so it give hope for us to take just one more step. I love that sweet encouragement you were given and that you have passed it on by sharing the story with us.

    • Amy, how right you are. The power lies in the power of past experience. We love to hear of hope and when we do we gain courage. So very true. May your weekend be blessed.

  • God understands! It is so important for us all to remember that and trust in that promise. Its like saying to each other “me too!” Something holy about finding a soul who understands.

  • Kelly, your story demonstrates that there are still people in this world who care, who understand and who will be patient with us as we struggle. I love how you remind us that Jesus is the Friend who always understands, who loves us and will never leave us. May we be that kind of friend to others knowing that He is living within us to strengthen and give us life. Blessings to you dear Kelly.

    • Thank you so much. I think if there was a whole lot less judging and more understanding, we would get so far in relationships! Much love to you as you love others!

  • Kelly,
    I love how you put freedom and grace packaged in Jesus’ understanding ….and also when someone shows us that same grace and understanding…Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

  • What a sweet, beautiful, and timely reminder. So fitting for Mother’s Day. For all those everyday, life-is-crazy moments too. 🙂 It’s amazing how easy it is to feel alone. What a precious truth to know we’re not. Ever.

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