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Living Unfulfilled Dreams

Living Unfulfilled Dreams

I always wanted to be someone.
I wanted to do things.
I wanted to pursue life.

I thought, tomorrow, I will live as God wants me to live. I knew if I wanted to be someone tomorrow, I had to do something today. Yet that was the hard part.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to follow through.

I studied to become a realtor and never got myself to the test.
I planned ways to bring chef dinner parties to people’s home, but I never got it off the ground.
I had goals of starting my own marketing agency, but I never made it happen.

Tomorrow. It’s the day we always hang our dreams on. It’s the day filled with hope, possibility and longing. Yet it’s often the greatest hindrance to where we want to go.

Tomorrow held me back and I kind of hated it for that reason. I lived in a perpetual dream cycle of tomorrows. I became the aimless girl who roamed from idea to idea – hoping one would stick.

I felt misguided.
Angry at myself.
Frustrated by my lack of follow through.

Until one day, God spoke a different story into my life – a different calling.

As I listened, put pen to paper and spoke his words of life, I could sense a powerful seed growing. Something was starting to take bloom! 

I could feel the uprising of something big.
I could sense new life in my lifeless walk.
I could sense a new arrangement of purpose taking shape.

When these sensations came over me, I remembered that aimless girl. I remembered how she felt. And, sadness washed over me. I longed to rewind back to yesterday to tell her a couple things: hold fast to following God and trusting him, don’t get down today and believe in tomorrow!

Why? Because:

Sometimes we actually aren’t in hesitation mode,
we are in God’s preparation mode.

What we wait for today,
develops our character for tomorrow.

 He has to plant the seeds of his love within us,
before we are ready to plant them around us.

 It’s always about his seeds arising,
verses ours attained through striving.

God faithfully watered my soul that thirsted to serve him, to love him and to bring Him glory. I am so thankful he took the time to water. It has been his greatest gift to me. I have grown and I have prepared, so I may go.

In days to come Jacob will take root, Israel will bud and blossom and fill all the world with fruit. Is. 27:6

Now I see what he arranged within me, isn’t to satisfy me, but it’s to satisfy others. He has developed dreams that extend far beyond my hopes and wishes, although they do completely satisfy them.

The truth is, God is always in the process of planting and blooming. There are parts of us that are ready to bloom, parts ready for water and parts ready for seeding. But, one thing we can trust is that he is always at work – and it’s not just for our good, it’s for our great!

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands. Ps. 138:8

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Kelly, a fun-loving, active and spunky mom of two rambunctious toddlers, spends her days pushing swings, changing diapers and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a "Cheerleader of Faith", Kelly's greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully and unencumbered for the Lord.

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  • Yes! God is always preparing us. Hallelujiah! It’s so cool how he uses our experiences to teach us, shape us, and prepare us for that dream He’s known about all along:)

  • This is so very good! I love how you caution me prepare with God before I rush forward. I so needed this today! Thank you!

  • Oh Kelly, this speaks to me today: “Sometimes we actually aren’t in hesitation mode,
    we are in God’s preparation mode.” and “What we wait for today,
    develops our character for tomorrow.”

    Glad to see you at FMF! God is always at work in us, and we can trust Him. Lord, continue to anoint Kelly and her words. Give her strength and joy for each new day!

    (BTW, on Wednesdays at Meredith’s if we’re neighbors again, feel free to visit someone else if you want to make a new friend. I do appreciate the prayer on Wednesdays though! <3 )

  • I remember the relief and the peace that I experienced when God confirmed my dream. It took years of watering a stubborn seed, a scared seed. This seed has sprouted and He’s been so faithful to send encouragement through His sons and daughters at exactly the right moments!! Grow ladies grow! Thanks Kelly:)

    • I praise God that he pulled that scared girl out of her “stubborn” place and grew her into a beautiful advocate for his Kingdom. You bring him so much joy! I cheer you.

  • So neat that you recognize the dreams that dwindled and that God has shaped you into a new purpose…in now…and in tomorrow! Well written. I’m a dreamer too…I often settle for the easier to accomplish. I also plow through the hard too. I’m learning to let my destinations be more about Him than my will though! Nice to meet you on your blog! FMF friend/neighbor, Jenn Cook

  • How beautiful that His dreams for you were focused on shining His light into the lives of many others – and that although His purpose was to satisfy others, that you are completely satisfied as well. He is so very fond of you, sweet one!
    Much love,

  • Kelly, THIS–“The truth is, God is always in the process of planting and blooming. There are parts of us that are ready to bloom, parts ready for water and parts ready for seeding. But, one thing we can trust is that he is always at work – and it’s not just for our good, it’s for our great!” Yes!! I need this reminder!!

  • Kelly, it’s interesting to see how nothing was wasted. Your dream to have people around your table, well now they come around this table. Your dream to sell homes, well this has become a home. Your dream of marketing, well I see that all over the way you get the word out so beautifully.

    Maybe none of it was wasted. Maybe all of it led to this.

  • I have noticed the same thing myself, Kelly. Sometimes God is preparing you and all those wonderful plans and dreams we make, just aren’t what we are supposed to do. But we are supposed to learn and prepare, be ready for the moment to come.

  • I totally love that….hesitation mode versus preparation mode. Just a huge reminder that God’s plans are for our good…we simply must wait on them. Lovely post, Kelly.

    • Thanks Leah. Let’s keep on waiting and trusting and abiding in exactly where he has us today. Thank you for your words to me. You are always a breath of fresh air Leah.

  • Sometimes we actually aren’t in hesitation mode,
    we are in God’s preparation mode.

    I like that, Kelly. I think that is were I am today, trying to make something work when I’m seeming to spin my wheels. I will keep following and dreaming and I know His plan will be achieved. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Oh wow! This is what God has been teaching me, too! So cool to see it spelled out in black and white! Thank you for sharing!!

    • I love it when God drives home a point, don’t you Amy? What a blessing he gave you. You should come join us for the #RaRalinkup Mondays on Twitter and Tuesdays on this blog to link up!

  • In those pauses in our lives, it doesn’t mean a pause in His presence or purpose in our lives. He is always working to prepare our hearts. Oftentimes, if we remain close to Him, it can be a growth spurt. I can testify to this in my life. But wow, it can be a tough season though.

  • Love this thank you! “What we wait for today, develops our character for tomorrow.” You always have the right words to say to reach into my heart with the love of Christ 🙂

  • Glory, but your words always highlight the very things I try to deny and ignore, lol. All of this post gets a big YES from me. The struggle, the lesson being learned, the big reveal as God does something completely new and unexpected or digs up that one thing that really was laying in wait for us the whole time… all of it.
    And His faithfulness to prepare and teach and grow us so we’re ready for His next step.
    Maybe this week you could try to get inside someone else’s head for a change 😉 lol
    Much love, so blessed by your ministry all week Kelly.

    • 🙂 Christine, your words to me are the absolute best! I love to hear that God is getting deep in your head to work some things out. I praise him for this. You are a woman of the Lord who is seeking sincerely and diligently after God. He will use all of this in your life. You are a sincere blessing sweet one! God loves you SO much!

  • There is something about that just right fit to tell you that you are made for whatever that thing is. I truly understand what this is all about. You sum it up well when you say that sometimes we are not in hesitation mode but God’s preparation mode and when we reach the destination we know we have arrived. I am so glad you found Barbie and I at The Weekend Brew. Hope to see you there more often.

    • I know! I am happy to be there too Mary. Sometimes weekends can be hard to link up, but I absolutely want to come back! I love following God’s call, don’t you Mary? We are so blessed.

  • “Sometimes we actually aren’t in hesitation mode,we are in God’s preparation mode” <—- These are just the words I need to hear and take to heart today. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kelly, blessings to you. Thanks for encouraging me today! and for sharing in #wordsofcomfort linkup. Keep writing!

    Tayrina from TGAWrites

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