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You Really Need to Know

Standing on their tippy toes, leaning in, these women looked mad. If I saw them in a different context, I would have thought someone should check them in, note, then medicate their health. Their hands waved wildly, words screamed out, little sweet things I couldn’t make out from my car…

…they didn’t give up
…their arms didn’t grow tired
…they didn’t consider they looked dumb
….their eyes locked on their child’s
…until the school bus drove away…

God is wild for us just the same.

In my mind, I consider:

He stands at our doorstep and knocks.
He’s eager to be near to us when we believe no one else wants to be.
He whispers sweet nothings, His Word, close to our heart.
He draws near to us, and sticks with us as we go through our day.
He leans into our pain and longs to heal it.
He makes eye-contact with our heart and cares for it like a good daddy.

God is wild for us. And Jesus’ love looks crazy.

What did people say of Jesus as he showed wild love?  “He’s crazy, a maniac—out of his head completely. Why bother listening to him?” (John 10:20)

Yes. He was crazy – he believed he could help the least of these. He was crazy – he believed not just in rules, but the heart. He was crazy – he followed God despite opinion. He was crazy – he went dangerous places. He was crazy – he prayed like it was nobody’s business. He was crazy – He claimed he was God. He was  crazy – he gave up his own life.

Jesus’ crazy love is still after you. It is after me. It hasn’t stopped working, in case any of you have been thinking that. It doesn’t care about social norms, about pretenses, flub-ups, your past. His love, like those moms’ love, is waving at you, desiring you and moving with you through your day – through the annoyances, arguments, frustrations, joy, bad phone calls, rejections, dismissals and all.

There He is, walking amognst us, God. He’s everwhere, but certainly, very close to you.

Don’t miss it. His wild display of affection for you is written, living and active.

Yet, many of us, like kids in a school bus, turn our face away from him. We look the other way and rather than looking through the window, we miss his display. We miss his pursuit. We miss his affection. We get distracted by some crazy commotion going on inside. The wild news of the day, the Facebook post of XYZ, the urgent needs of today.

There’s no time to look out a window….

Don’t let that happen. It happened to so many in Jesus’ time, they got caught up in law, in rule-abiding, when the only one thing to get caught up in is crazy love.

Jesus is crazy about you. Just know that. Receive that. Sit in that. Dwell in that. Bathe in that – and your life will change.


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