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Write For PurposefulFaith.com Contest

Hey Ya’ll!  My heart is to welcome writers big and small, new and veteran to Purposeful Faith. Everyone is included.

I want to learn more about you! Submit a blog post. Get your friends to vote on it. I will read the top 5 and pick a few winners to write for Purposeful Faith for a season. Stay tuned, for more openings to write for Purposeful Faith.com. Submit your link below. I will review the posts Feb 29!

To Enter the Contest:

  1. Write a blog post “How I Overcame ____”. Tell us how, through Christ, you’ve overcome “XYZ”. Inspire the reader too.
  2. 500 words
  3. Write a little paragraph at the bottom of the post describing how we know each other and what you like about PF.com. Welcome your readers to take part in my “Four Day to Fearless Challenge.” Link to here: https://www.purposefulfaith.com/four-days-to-fearless/
  4. Share your post all around and mention that you’re taking part in the “Write for Purposeful Faith Contest” with Kelly Balarie.
  5. Remember to have all your friends vote for you here on this page link.


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