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Have Things Been Stolen From You?

Has the enemy stolen something that belongs to you?

Perhaps, you hoped for something, to go somewhere, or to be with someone. Perhaps, you expected to be further along? Or, that you would have met Mr. Right. Maybe you were close. Nearly there. Right about to do well. . . and then. . .


. . . your fruit, hope, money, dreams, health, opportunity got — lost, taken, obliterated.

Or, maybe you thought God had great plans for you (you may have even had sight of them), but over time, after days, or years, they became nebulous (clouded) and out of sight. That is enemy theft too, you know.

Gradual theft doesn’t mean it’s any less a hold-up.

I am furious at the enemy. Thanks to God, I am seeing the enemy’s plans, playing out all around me in the lives of those I love, for what they are: Schemes meant to bring discouragement. To thwart us from seeing God’s goodness. To keep us stuck in the muck of “what could have been”.

No. Not on my watch.

It is written in scripture, “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.” (Job 1:21). This is true. But, He never does so to ruin us, to cripple us or to steal from us.

God is love. Love repairs wrongs. It makes wrong things right. Delivers us from evil. Restores what is lost.

Take hope today.

Job was tormented, in pain, dealing with “wearisome nights” and “futility” (Job. 7:3), for months.  Then, he got to a moment of restoration.

He said to God, “I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you.” (Job 42:2)

Look at the result: the Lord restored His fortune, He gave Him twice as much as before, people he loved gathered around him for a feast, he got the consolation and comfort he likely needed, people brought him gifts of money and a gold ring, God blessed Job in the second half of His life more than the first half, he had seven more sons and three more daughters, he lived to 140 years, seeing the fourth generation of his children. (See: Job 42:10-15) What joy!

“He died and old man who had lived a long, good life.” (Job. 42:17)

There’s nothing that was taken, that God can’t restore.

Tell God: I know you can do anything, God.  I know you can restore everything. I ask you to do so. No one can stop you. You are in control. I am not powerless, Father. My daddy is power-full. He loves me. You will restore me. I trust you. Circumstances don’t rule me, you do. Amen.

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