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I Can’t Do That

Recently a friend replied to me via voice-memo text about one of her dreams. She said, “I have no idea if I could do something that big. Because of this, I just feel like giving up and not doing that small next-thing to get there.”

I thought about what she said. She saw the end-goal as her breakthrough. But, with love, I challenged her to see her small next-step goal, accomplished, as the real breakthrough. Then, to just keep moving her feet with these “little things”.

I believe it is “faithful movement” God loves to see. Obedience is breakthrough. If we do what He asks, one day He’ll take us “there” — or wherever we’re meant to be.

His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’ (Mt. 25:21)

What small thing is God calling you to do? To follow up on? To see through? No matter how minute.

When I was younger, I was never the swim-team champion. Hardly. Nor did I ever given swim lessons to kids, or anyone for that matter, before. But, one day, I just decided I wanted to be a swim instructor. I’d been trained as a lifeguard. Why not, I figured.

So, without any prior instruction on teaching kids, I got out a library book and booked my first lesson with a 5-year old. It wasn’t a couple months later, the kid was swimming.

I didn’t think much about “what I couldn’t do”, I just moved ahead with what I felt “called to do.” Here, God saw it through.

What would you do if your limitations were no limit?

Sometimes, we have to throw our self up in the air, like the toss of a coin, and just trust-God to catch us and see-forth what He is calling us to do. With surrender, we say, “I don’t know how, God, but you do.”

That’s all it takes.

What do you dream of? Why not do one very small thing to that end? Why not invest-in today what you dream-of for tomorrow?

Do with God today the beginnings of a thing, you feel greatly called to unleash tomorrow.

**Without a doubt, I feel led to say — there is at least one of you, I believe, that needs to take this as a message from God and to move out, swiftly and definitively. If you feel God has been knocking at the door of your heart and trying to get you to move — then, move. Don’t delay. See it through. Trust by faith. Faith cannot see, but faith pleases God. Like Moses, Noah and Abraham, relied on it, it sees through great things. It has an assurance about what it cannot see and goes anyway. This is your moment. Step out.

He will not let your foot slip.


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