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Overcoming The War in Our Mind

Here I was talking to a group of people about taking thoughts captive, yet all I could hear in my mind as I spoke was:

No one can understand you, Kelly. You’re not even making any sense. They don’t know what in the world you are saying. You sound stupid. You are talking way too long!

You sound like, “Blah…Blah…Blah…”

I was speaking, but hearing a barrage of criticism in my head.

Ever been there?

Maybe you are around a group of women and you hear, “You are not enough. No one likes you.”

Maybe you are at work, talking in a meeting and you hear, “They all think your idea is stupid.”

Maybe you are parenting your kids and you hear, “Why bother teaching them? They don’t care about anything you teach them.”

Maybe you are taking care of a parent, and you hear, “All your help is useless. They don’t feel loved by you and don’t like you.”

Maybe you are trying to love your husband and you hear, “It’s a hopeless cause. You may as well give up now.”

Hardly anyone ever talks to us as mean as our mind does. Hardly a person would discourage us the way our thoughts do.

You know, on that call, there was a side of me that felt like just giving up. Why bother trying when I am not communicating well enough? Why keep going when I sound like an idiot? But, I carried on… Why did I do this? Certainly, not because of me, but solely because I am familiar with the enemy of my soul.

The liar, lies.

“When (the devil) lies, he speaks what is natural to him, for he is a liar and the father of lies and half-truths.” (Jo. 8:44 AMP)

Yes, my thoughts felt real. I also know there is a real enemy of my soul who does what he does best — lies to me.

So, I pressed through… Through the onslaught… Through the mud… Through the doubt… Through the fear…

And, finally the call ended. I was off the radio show.

I let my husband know how horrible I did. He listened to the show and said, “Kelly, you did not do bad at all.”

He sent it out to some family friends. It blessed them.

Apparently, the devil was lying to me!

How might he be lying to you? In what ways has he been fooling you? How have thoughts held you back? Determined your actions and reactions? Stunted you? Made you to feel insecure?

Heads up — you don’t have to deal with the mental onslaught any longer! I want to invite you to take part in a 4-Month Take Every Thought Captive Coaching Intensive. I was going to charge for this event post-launch, however, I feel led to prepare the bride of Christ to stand strong of mind during these times, to know who we are in Christ Jesus, and to be transformed so that we can discern God’s will in our lives! With this, sI am offering this coaching course entirely for FREE with a book purchase.

Get “Take Every Thought Captive”, then sign up here for the coaching program!

Also, did you know — achieving goals is far easier and more reachable when two gather together as accountability partners? Consider inviting a friend! I am developing “Check-In Questions” that can be texted to help keep you accountable during the week. Build relationship and grow together. Simply forward this email and invite a friend to journey along with you. Two are better than one!

About the Book, “Take Every Thought Captive”
In Take Every Thought Captive: Exchange Lies of the Enemy for the Mind of Christ, author and speaker Kelly Balarie encourages readers to seize the power of God’s Word to not only profess truth, but possess it in their mind, heart, and actions.

Take Every Thought Captive helps readers:
•      transform their minds and release the worries, burdens, and lies from the enemy
•      pray through times of mental and emotional strife
•      become warriors and fight for God’s plan and purpose
•      use God’s Word proactively instead of living defensively and defeated

Prayer: Father God, I ask you to renew me in the pattern of my mind that I will be able to discern the perfect, pleasing, and good will of God. I know that I cannot do this in my strength, but I can do this by the power of the Holy Spirit. I ask for your grace and power to do so. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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