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He is my mighty ROCK & protection.
People, trust God all the time. Ps. 62:8

On the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand!

#RaRaURock is a movement started by the #RaRalinkup bloggers and other encouragers. This movement exists to drive deep and meaningful encouragement into the dry hearts of those in ministry.

No one needs the magnetic power of encouragement like those guiding the church. If we want to move the needle of Christ’s love in our home church, we must create a safe-haven of love for those sharing this hope with the masses.

Are you a minister of Christ’s sheep touched by the #URock movement?

Here are 3 action items for you:

1. Sign up for the Purposeful Faith newsletter, loaded with daily doses of encouragement from our all cheerleaders.

2. Join us Mondays (along with the #RaRalinkup if you are a blogger) to spread this deeper encouragement far and wide. Simply encourage another encouragers using #URock. You were touched, now touch another!

3. Join our ministry hub of encouragement on URock (to be set up soon). Here, we will bless you with community and hearts to encourage you.

Whether it is a pastor, a pastor’s wife, ministry directors, bible study leaders, radio personalities, bloggers, youth leaders, take a minute to think of how you can encourage a parched, but serving heart today!

It could mean the world to that one person.

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