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Cultivating Quick-Obedience

quick obedience

There is power to quick-obedience.

How many of us have said, “I really need to call. . .(so-and-so)” but we never follow-through?

Good intentions do not equal good execution. I’m guilty of this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to bring a new momma dinner and then forgotten about them. Or, the countless times I’ve meant to give time to someone who asks me for help and then I just — don’t. Oops.

Recently, I was telling my kids how I dream of giving back to their school in the future — to beautify it a bit.

My son replied back, “We should start small, mom. We could buy them a bench or something.”

He had a point, but. .  .

How many of us add a “but” to our good intention?

Just about a week ago, I attended his parent-preview. This is where you walk through his classroom. My son pointed out these dry-erase boards that were broken and old.

“Look at these, mommy. We are waiting for someone to give new ones.”

Something rose up in me.

It’s most clearly expressed as the very words I tell my own kids: See a problem — be the solution.

Rather than putting off what could be done for tomorrow, God was calling out — it’s time to take action today. It’s time, right now, to take out your checkbook. No more delay.

God-prompted, working-obedience acts fast.

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” At once (immediately, now, with urgency) they left their nets and followed him. (Mt. 4:19-20)

See a person in need? At once, address their need– before doubt cripples you.
See downcast spirit? At once, be the one to offer a word of encouragement.
See something you want to complain about? At once, ask how you can be the solution.
See an injustice you can’t stand? At once, seek the ways you can become involved.
See a person God has put on your heart to help? At once, give.
See a need? At once, address it in the little way you can.

For this is pleasing to our Lord.


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