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When Fear Seems Overwhelming

I awoke. It was the middle of the night. Fear was tangible. Sweat nearly broke out on my brow…The weight of the world pressed on my chest.

Would everything work out? Will I be okay? Will my kids come out of this alright? Will God really come through? What have I done? Can I really trust Him now?

Laying there, with no voice but my own, I acknowledged how my mental trek was soon to become an unstoppable train wreck, leaving me in emotional ruin. I’d been here before. I know how mental agitation gives way to endless ruminations that speak louder than the consolation of the Holy Spirit. Undoubtedly, I was about to lose all semblance of control, as well as peace and sleep.

I was at a crossroad…which way would I go? Would I give in to more thinking, pondering, circling, rehashing, ruminating and figuring — or would I tell that demonic spirit of fear to leave me, putting these unruly thoughts to bed once and for all?

Maybe you’ve been there…Maybe you are there today. Maybe fear is gripping you, and your mind feels out of control with figuring things out. Maybe you have a child who has gone astray. A daughter who is on drugs. A husband who won’t stop drinking. A job that feels tormenting. A dream that seems impossible. A financial bank account that is in ruins.

Maybe the devil is knocking on the door of your mind saying, “God, won’t really do it. He won’t really help you. He won’t really come in time.” Maybe you are losing faith and hope that things can be different?

Is that you?

You know what I decided to do the night I almost mentally train wrecked? I put a stake in the ground. I said, “Satan, get out of here; I don’t want to hear you anymore.”

I shut his trap right on up! And, I went back to sleep. In the morning, I wasn’t bothered.

Dear friends, for some of you, the enemy has been talking your ear off. And, you’ve been listening. No wonder you’re agitated and not at rest. No wonder you feel full of fear and not faith.

But, no longer, sisters!!! The time is now to put a stake in the ground and tell the enemy you will not cower in fear, because you are going to stand in faith.

I want to share with you my battle-practiced, time-tested breakthrough strategies to stand in faith, when the world is crumbling on you. They work, because I’ve lived them, honed them, leaned on them, cried through them, and trusted God with them.

I’ve lived them through sickness, weakness, injury, hopelessness, difficulty, abuse, torment, and marital troubles. God has kept me going.

I am having a 1-night workshop called, “Stand Strong in Faith — in the Gap of Not-Yet-Answered Prayers & Extremely Hard Times”.

During this workshop, we will:
1. Learn 5 ways to stand strong in faith.
2. Pray in a way that disarms fear.
3. Know and rely on God in a way that gives you peace.
4. Gain support and empathy from sisters who understand.
5. Pray for one another, as we trust the God who hears us.

Join me for a night of refreshment, encouragement, and grace-giving empowerment.
Register here: “Stand Strong in Faith” Workshop
November 16, 2023 at 6:00 ET via Zoom.
*Recording available.

Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled (distressed, agitated). You believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely on God; believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely also on Me.” (Jo. 14:1)

We do not need to live troubled; we have a Savior, Redeemer, Restorer, and Power far greater than anything we see with our natural eye.

“Kelly is a great encourager! Her greatest desire is that you should know who the Lord created you to be and who you are as a daughter.” – M.R.

“Kelly brought light into my very dark world by demonstrating what the true love of Jesus looks like!” – D.P.

“Kelly’s “realness”, no matter the cost has helped liberate me from all the masks I carried. Christ uses her to powerfully deliver freedom in every conversation.” – S.A.

Register today, click here: “Stand Strong in Faith” Workshop

Even better, gift a friend in need with this session. It will change their life.

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