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Enduring a Hard Wait? Gain Great Faith!

“Dad,” the girl said, while tugging her body forward, “I want to go in the deep end of the pool!”

“No,” Dad replied, gripping her tightly. “I can’t let you. I love you.”

“But, I want to…” She whined, sprinting forward like a hamster in a wheel, though going nowhere.

A handful of her shirt was clenched in his fist. He had her, stable.

Frustrated, she thought: Why won’t Dad let me go where I want to go? Why is he holding me back and keeping me stuck? Why won’t my own daddy give me what I want — what I know I should have?

The dad, though, clenching her shirt, knew the truth: the girl was two years old, she couldn’t swim and had eyes too big for her current ability. She needed more learning before she could go swimming.

And, while the little girl thought it was his meanness or coldness holding her back, Dad knew: it was His love protecting her and guarding her. It was His love that had designed an appointed hour — an hour of joy that would come one day, as she was released in the deep end, with all her learned abilities flourishing.

Sisters, many of us think God is holding us back, holding back His hand or holding up our prayers. Many of us think His meanness and coldness are hurting us, when it actually is His love keeping us. Friends, it is not that God doesn’t want you to thrive. I believe He wants you to more than survive when He moves.

God is God; He knows better than what we think and figure…is good, is the right timing, is the best way, is the answer, is how it should happen, is when it should happen, is what it should look like…

Will we trust Him? And, will we yield to His appointed hour? His teaching? His leading? His timing? His way? His growth process in us?

God is not out to hurt us; He is out to love us.

What we think about what He is doing can be the difference between depression and excitement, between joy and mourning, between hope and defeat.

What will we do?

I know, in this hour, so many women are contending and praying for things they are not yet seeing. Sisters, I want to stand with you. I want to impart hope to your Spirit. I can only do this, because I stand in this place, too.

You can walk in complete peace.

This is why I am having a 1-night workshop called, “Stand Strong in Faith — in the Gap of Not-Yet-Answered Prayers & Extremely Hard Times”.

During this workshop, we will:
1. Find practical encouragement to stand strong in faith.
2. Ditch debilitating fear, doubt and worry, by implementing 3 practical ways to stand strong.
3. Regain trust in a God who is always-faithful.
4. Gain support and empathy from sisters who understand.
5. Pray for one another, as we trust the God who hears us.

Join me for a night of refreshment, encouragement and grace-giving empowerment. 

"Gain Great Faith in Your Wait" Workshop

November 16, 2023 at 6:00 ET via Zoom. *Recording available.


Sisters, I am so blessed to see God answer prayers. So many prayers are getting answered. Children are finding joy again. Job provision is coming in. Healing is showing up for people. I want to pray for you. I believe God will move powerfully on releasing fresh hope and that He will also show up on our prayers for one another during this call too. I’m excited!

Let’s join hands together and find refreshment in the Lord!


“Kelly is a great encourager! Her greatest desire is that you should know who the Lord created you to be and who you are as a daughter.” – M.R.

“Kelly brought light into my very dark world by demonstrating what the true love of Jesus looks like!” – D.P.

“Kelly’s “realness”, no matter the cost has helped liberate me from all the masks I carried. Christ uses her to powerfully deliver freedom in every conversation.” – S.A.

"Gain Great Faith in Your Wait" Workshop

November 16, 2023 at 6:00 ET via Zoom. *Recording available.


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