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I was the first one up in the morning — and that’s probably the exact reason why it happened like this. . .

While every other light in the place was off, I was outside in the dark navigating my way to a door.  After spending some time in the morning air with just me and God, I needed coffee.  I desperately needed coffee. Black.

Yet, as I walked down the long dark path, I hit something. Ick! Nasty! Grr!  I hit straight into a spider web. All tangled up, I felt shocked. There are hundreds of people who walk this path a day, and yet, I hit the web?!

The first person to walk a new path usually hits the web. 

As quickly as this thought came to mind, it encouraged me. I am the first morning walker. I am walking a new path — both literally and figuratively in my life. More awakened within me.

So often, I think I hit hardship because: 1. I’ve done bad 2. God is trying to teach me a lesson 3. I am off track.

But, what if the snag, the attack, and the icky stuff — isn’t because we’re off-track but because we’re right on track? And because we’re adventuring somewhere new with God?

I was headed just the right direction to that coffee pot. The only thing was: I was traveling an area where people hadn’t recently traveled before.

For some of you, you’re traveling a new path. You are choosing to respond to your husband in a new way. You are aiming to not gossip at work. You are making time to sit down with God. You are making strides in your prayer time. You are understanding things about God like you never have before. I want you to understand — the attack you are experiencing (the distraction, the people coming against, the discouragement, the little snags), are likely not because you are doing things wrong, but mostly because you are doing things right.

Do not be discouraged. Instead, be encouraged. You are on the right track.  Keep going.

You are hitting a web because you are heading the right way. The web is there because you are heading down a much-untravelled path. This terrifies the enemy.

The thought of your progress — terrifies the enemy.
The thought of you loving God more — terrifies the enemy.
The thought of you understanding how much God loves you — terrifies the enemy.
The thought of you breaking through with power — terrifies the enemy.

At this point, be less concerned with what the enemy is doing and be much assured about what God is doing — in and through you. It is good. God has this. He will carry you through. A web may annoy for a moment but quickly cast it off. Dust yourself off, carry on.

You’re right on track!

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