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It Begins with your Tongue

Is there something about yourself that you want to change?

Perhaps you want to drink more water, or lose weight or stop talking to your husband a certain way? You need more self-control. The ability to change by changing your habit.

I’ve been there. Many times in my life, I’ve wanted to do something new — even to the point of making my bed.

This morning, I nearly stopped in my tracks as I read this bible verse: “We all make mistakes, but those who control their tongues, can also control themselves in every other way.” (James 3:2 NLT)

I couldn’t believe it. God says if we control our tongue, then we can control ourselves in EVERY other way.

Every way. To be self-controlled in tongue is to then to gain control with every other thing you hope to gain self-control over.

I can see how this plays out.

We stop saying, “I can’t.”
We end our complaining that “we’ll never change”.
We start to speak God’s ability to change anything and everything.
We hope all things, believe all things and trust God in all things — through our tongue.

Suddenly, rather than living in defeat we realize that God has the power to help us even in the little things.

Where are you looking to have more self-control? Have you ever considered that it begins with your tongue?


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Kelly, a fun-loving, active and spunky mom of two rambunctious toddlers, spends her days pushing swings, changing diapers and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a "Cheerleader of Faith", Kelly's greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully and unencumbered for the Lord.

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