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How to Live as a Daughter of a Good and Perfect Father

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Post by: Katie M. Reid

For decades, I believed that my Heavenly Father was disappointed with me. I wasn’t measuring up to the standard of perfection, so my inner dialogue was full of scoldings.

See? You did it again. You messed up. When will you ever learn?

You better try harder because you’re falling behind.

You should do more and be more in order to make God happy.

These accusations tore me down. But in my stubbornness, I was determined to try harder and be better. After all, I prided myself on exceeding expectations—trying to impress with my prowess.

The gold stars, the pats on the back, and the thumbs up fueled my efforts. But soon I was weary from all the work of trying to measure up; striving as a Tightly Wound Woman.

I was living like a slave, not a daughter.

A slave toils to earn her keep. A daughter rests in her position as an heir.

A slave worries that she won’t be enough. A daughter knows that she doesn’t have to be enough in order to be loved.

A slave aims to please the Master. A daughter delights in her Dad who is already pleased with her, because she is His.

Toil. Worry. Striving.

These are the marks of a slave who fears her Master is never satisfied.

Rest. Peace. Delight.

These are the characteristics of a daughter who knows the acceptance of her Father.

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