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A Love Letter for Guilty Hearts and Shamed Parts

Letter For the Guilty


I forgive you. In fact, I’ve already forgotten about what you’ve done. I’ve tied a weight around your worst and thrown it into the great abyss of my endless, all-consuming waters never to see it again.

So, why do you still hold on to it?

I’ve separated it from you. I’ve removed it hemispheres from your mind, being and soul. It’s so far, there is no sight of it in my eyes. There is no value to it in my economy.

So, why do you still hold on to it?

You expressed your remorse. You asked for forgiveness. It is done. I judge you not and I consider it not stuck to you, not even a grain.

So, why do you still hold on to it?

Hear this, I declare your righteous, holy and blameless. When I look at you, this is what I see. This is the sum of you are.

So, why do you still hold on to it?

Do you believe clinging on will help you improve? Be better? As if your fear will produce righteousness? As if slapping your own hand will finally make you act better?

If I don’t require this of you, why do you require it of yourself?

You want to hurt yourself so that you can finally be better. But, guess what? Jesus already took the hurt. He took the pain, for you. For moments just like these.

Jesus was forsaken, so you could be forgiven.

So, why do you still hold on to it?

It is not charges upheld, inflicted, that will mark you changed. But, charges released, absolved, that will give you hope, freedom to find my voice that will change you. In the space of forgiveness, you have room to hear my voice, to listen to my words, to find a new way, a different way. Here, your mind doesn’t talk like jury and judge. Here, you accept the fact – I’ve thrown out the court proceedings. Here, there is only new ground, a fresh day and the start of new opportunities – with me. Here, you find peace, you see my way and you uncover my revelations, progress and growth.

May I suggest you, let go?

Let go of what you can’t let go of. I’ll take it for you.
Sit down.

Lay back in the knowledge I’ll hold you. I won’t ever let you go.
Rest easy.

Unclench your hands and believe I will lead you on your best path.
Seek me.

If you run after me, you will find me, when you search for me with all your heart.
Wave goodbye.

What mistakes you keep seeing, have no value in the space between your eyes and mine.

For where we are going together, there is no need for dead weight and there is no necessity for you to control your own progress. I am the one molding you. I am the one keeping you. I am the one leading your family. I am the one in charge of your day. I am the one who you need. So, turn, face me and let’s go to where you haven’t been able to go because you’ve been holding all that.

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Kelly, a fun-loving, active and spunky mom of two rambunctious toddlers, spends her days pushing swings, changing diapers and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a "Cheerleader of Faith", Kelly's greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully and unencumbered for the Lord.

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  • Guilt… Truly one of the most powerful weapons in satan’s tool box. Undearneath it I feel defeated because it forces me to relive my past mistakes over and over. You know the ones that I have been forgiven for years ago. Flashbacks to times and places a child of God should have never been and words that should have never came out of my mouth – a mouth meant to praise God. Guilt that tells me every day that I will never do enough, be enough, and if I can’t forgive and forget that I bet God still holds a tiny little piece in his memory of those times too.

    It’s miserable! It’s my constant companion! I apologize to people I feel like my stupidity affected and they say it didn’t impact them on the scale that I feel like it did and that they forgive me so why can’t I forgive myself? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never physically harmed anyone or done atrocious things I have just gotten off track and in between marriages lived a life very unbecoming to God. I really want to release myself from this stronghold of guilt. Why can’t I make the permanent breakthrough? I will feel released through prayer but I guess I pick it back up and strap it back on myself again. It is the one emotion I just can’t seem to shake…

    • What would life look like if you were not guilty? Perhaps you dwell on that point, Michelle. What would God do in that space? What would it look like? Ask him to show you how you would be. Ask him to reveal to you what else you could put your mind on. Ask him what he would do with your guilt if you handed it to him.

  • This is amazing. A friend of mine has been struggling with guilt, myself to and this has healed some sounds we share. Thank you??

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