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Worthy Works – 2 Parenting Books You Will Love

Parenting Books

So often, I wish that, upon delivery, the baby came with an instruction manual. Can you imagine? How easy would that make it?

No sleep training discussions.
Every tantrum figured out.
Every emotional issue handled.
Every bad boyfriend shoved out the door.

But of course, it doesn’t.

Second best, though, are the ample books on the market. I have found two that I want to share with you today. I hope you love them as much as I do!

As a side note, leave a comment! One random commenter will win a free copy of the book “Rescue,” by Candy Gibbs.

1. Rescue by Candy Gibbs-

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.18.02 AM

When I look in my daughter’s eyes I see an innocent heart. A heart that will likely be swayed by the world, others and life in general. Yet, I want her heart only to be swayed by god.

How do I go about this?

How do I help lead her heart to the love of Christ,
rather than let the world take it away?

The book, “Rescue” by Candy Gibbs addresses these concerns with powerful insight and encouraging words. Candy, a mom of 3 and the Executive Director of CareNet Pregnancy Centers in Amarillo, has  counseled many a mother unsure of how to lead a child’s heart.

While children are still toddlers, Candy writes about how to reach teens in a drowning culture. But, yes! I need to know about this.  There is never a time too early to start learning how to protect, guide and love your child.

I valued the perspective of the “lifeguards,” a group of young adults, who are closely acquainted with the childhood perspective.

These lifeguards taught me that:

– Arguments are sometimes children’s best lessons.
Kids walk away learning what you speak when you are mad.

– Boundaries with explanations are the best bet!
Yet, seeking to control is a losing deal.

– Christian parents often “direct children away from things they shouldn’t be part of,”
rather than directing them towards Christ.

– Many kids respect our parenting decisions,
even though in the moment it is hard for them.

Candy offers biblical insight and is not afraid to address hard cultural topics.

One random commenter will receive “Rescue,” a book loaded with biblical counsel, tips and guidance. Leave a comment!

2. In This House We Giggle by Courtney De Feo

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.16.16 AM

I want to giggle. I do, but so often I don’t. Instead, I run a tally of to-do’s off in my head. I see all that needs to be cleaned. I run into the house in a fluster.

That is why, I was in desperate need of giggles. Courtney DeFeo’s book, “In this House We Giggle” came at just the right time!

– It offers fun!
I want to bring this into my home.

– It offers 60 ways to “bring out giggles”!
My busy mind, loves the help on coming up with things to do.

– It helps the faith of little ones come alive.
I plan to apply this question DeFeo offers, “How’s your heart?” 

– It guides me to the right heart condition.
I feel encouraged to let out some tensions and to let a few laughs rise up.

I happen to love the practicality of this book.  Often, I read a book where I underline a hundred and one things, but I don’t know how to put anything into action. This book is the opposite! You underline a ton, but when you’re done, you can’t wait to start the fun!

The more I read the more my heart feels lighter. I am becoming aware of the deep importance of meaningful fun.

This hilarity was the result of my happy reading!

image2 image1

Thanks Courtney!

More on In This House We Giggle.

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  • I love your blog and the thoughts you share all the time. I’m thankful that this is available everyday!!

  • Thanks for sharing these book recommendations- I had not seen those. Lots of giggles at our house but not many that come from me 🙂

  • I appreciate your comments about raising teenagers… my son is often so unapproachable. .. wish I had it figured out.

  • Kelly, I really enjoy your reading your blog. It’s so encouraging.

    I wish the book, Rescue, was available to my parents when I was going through my teens, as well as when my kids were entering their teenage years.
    You mentioned that the lifeguards taught you:

    “- Christian parents often “direct children away from things they shouldn’t be part of,”
    rather than directing them towards Christ.”

    This is exactly what my parents did. Parents believe they are doing the right thing, however, parenting in that manner actually made me view Christ as a disciplinary figure just like them, and I really didn’t want any part of that.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and these titles.

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